Dancing with the Stars 2nd chance to impress 29 Mar 2010

And it begins. The dancers are back for their 2nd chance to impress the judges and viewers before the first elimination show which is tomorrow.  In case you haven’t heard, voting is pretty important.  So do it.

Shannon and Mark start us off, and the cameraman and editors are doing all they can to prove that she is the mean girl she was in 90210. Mark loves his hip thrusts. She didn’t look very comfortable to begin and was a little stiff you ask me. She seemed to start having a little more fun as the song went on. Len thinks they showed the energy, but it lacked control. Bruno also liked the energy. CarrieAnn thinks it’s a very solid routine. Overall, the judges seemed to like her more than last week. They rewarded her with two 7’s and a 6. I think I would’ve gone with a 6. Not thoroughly impressed.

Sidenote, I really am not impressed with this new set up where they all stand by the new room to watch and then awkwardly run into the room to support the couple who just danced. And the fact it’s nicknamed the celebaquarium just adds some weirdness to it.

Aiden and Edyta have a lot to prove after last week, the judges were not impressed. It’s a good thing that he is a soap star, because all this drama is totally his thing. Don’t worry though, they made up in the end, probably because it’s in the script.  He looks scared to me behind the plastered smile. Like Shannon, he seems pretty stiff. Bruno sees a glimmer of hope, I’m not sure I see it. Bruno thinks if Aiden just believes, he’ll be fine. CarrieAnn thinks the drama paid off and it was a solid dance…hmmm. Len thinks the footwork was better, but it still didn’t flow. This time, two 6’s and a 7. I’m not sure where the 7 came from, maybe I’m just a big pessimistic tonight.

Eavn and Anna give the fox trot a try. It will be interesting to see how they do with the more upbeat dance as Evan is more known for his elegance. I’m pleasantly surprised with how comfortable he looks doing this. It was a fun routine. CarrieAnn thought it was in control and that the connection was there for all. Len thought he did well for a tall guy, though something funny is going on with his feet. Bruno thinks Evan is grease lighting tonight – I’ve always wondered if he really thinks of these things or if they are somehow scripted. They got three 8’s. I would’ve given em a 9.

And the drama continues…it looks like this week was full of out of control hormones that have everyone questioning why they are doing this.

Niecy and Louis bring drama and romance. I love the comic relief that she brings, even if it’s a little corny. And her dancing is not bad either. She looks comfortable and like she’s having fun. I love that she sings along as well, shows that she is not nervous but having fun. Len thinks she is a revelation. Bruno called her a strawberry milkshake and then got cut off. CarrieAnn told Neesy she needs to get bigger, look out next week! They got three 7’s. I thought for sure she’d get at least one 8, but still pretty good.

Jake and Chelsea take on the jive. Preempting here, if they bring in any roses this week, I will throw up. He laughs a lot…I think it’s because he has no clue at all. He also looks awkward and not really comfortable with this dance. Not too sure about that little solo thing either. I think he lacks a little musicality, but he tried! You can tell he’s determined, but he’s thinking too much. Bruno wants him to work on precision and technique. CarrieAnn is back on her nitpicky lift thing. Sidebar – what the hell is her issue with lifts. Despite that, she thinks it was fun. Len has nothing spectacular to say, so he says he hopes they don’t go because he thinks Jake could be good. Two 7’s and a 6. Same as last week. I thought well deserved.

I’m not sure I like Brooke as an announcer. She leaves a lot of silence when interviewing and asks questions that are a little odd. It is only her 2nd time, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she will get better with practice, just like the dancers…

Buzz and Ashly are looking to score better than last week, and it shouldn’t be hard. I love him, he is adorable. I love the old guys because they always have such a positive attitude. But the moon and flag are a little much I’d say. While I love the attitude the old guys bring, they are really hard to watch. I want so bad for him to do well, but he is pretty much walking through the routine. Not a lot too it. He is so darn cute! I would hate to be a judge and tell him that he’s not a great dancer and to actually have to give him a score. The judges appear to have the same problem as me. So they wrap up their critiques in cute little bows about how much an inspiration he is. Though I do think the 4’s are a little rough – I didn’t think it was worse than last week.

Next up: Derek and Nicole, the top pair from last week. Though I didn’t think they deserved the scores they got last week. Derek really likes to slide across the floor. She looks good again, though there are some parts that are a little awkward. I feel she does something funny with her neck when she looks down. Nicole was right in thinking that Len would be looking for the classic jive. Bruno is on crack and CarrieAnn has nothing bad to say. It turns out that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Whats new. Two 10’s? really? it’s week 2. It was not that good. It doesn’t make sense to me to give out 10’s this early because they inevitably get better, what’s to work toward? I’m with Len.

Erin and Maksim have the fox trot. He is my favorite – hands down! Gutsy to start off with a solo , but I think that it worked for her. She looked good doing it. She actually seems to look better solo than in the holds to me. Bruno gets cut off again – this time unnecessarily. CarrieAnn agreed with me, I’m done! two 8’s and a 7 – seem low for the praise they got.

Pamela and Damian are totally doing it. That’s what I decided after last week. And every time she tries to look sweet and smoldering she actually looks like she’s getting ready for a porno scene…which is distracting to me. As far as the dancing goes, she’s not too bad. She has her timing down and moves well. I’m not sure CarrieAnn is watching the same thing – she thinks Pamela has multiple characters…I’m just seeing sex. Len called her titivating…’nuf said. Two 7’s and an 8. About right I’d say.

Ochocinco and Cheryl. He likes himself, a lot…just in case anyone missed that when he renamed himself his football number. I have always thought cheryl was dirty, that segment just reminded me why. He seems to have the moves down but for some reason the dancing itself seems really slow. I think it got worse as it went on actually instead of better. Len was pretty harsh, and Chad looked like he was going to tackle him. I don’t think he’s used to hearing negatives. Two 5’s and a 6. Ouch.

Kate bugs me and Tony is my hero. I am totally distracted by her side boob right now – sersiously, no one told her to tuck it in or something? Oh, and there she goes, alienating another man. We all know that it works out in the end, but I kinda like the idea of Tony saying he’s done. I’m not a huge fan of hers. I really think she doesn’t get it. I’m over the self-depricating stuff – she’s whiney. She is horrible. She looks so scared. You’d think with 8 kids, nothing would be scary. Tony was smart to put in a lot of twirls, though I think one was a lift, CarrieAnn will be all over that. Maybe I would be this bad if I tried – but maybe that’s why I don’t try. The judges are very nice and uplifting – I think they feel bad. Three 5’s. I’m not sure I agree that dance deserved higher scores than Buzz.

Recap: Nicole, Evan, Erin, and Niecy were great. A lot of fun to watch and I think 3 of them will be in the final three. Buzz and Kate were horrible and the rest were just in the middle somewhere. Don’t forget to vote, no one is safe.

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