Dancing with the Stars: And The Winner Is….25 May 2010

We start the final episode with a flashback of the final 3 from the entire season.  Wow…The show opens with a dance number from the contestants and pros that have been kicked off.  The pros did a lot of awesome dancing while many of the past stars just bobbed up and down.  Kate Gosselin still looks awkward as hell.  Apparently Chad Ochocinco hurt himself as soon as he went back to playing football and will not be dancing tonight…I’m gutted.

Apparently the stars are still going to dance two more dances.  The first dance will be the favorite of the couple and then one team will be eliminated before the final two couples do a completely new routine.  During the favorite dances, each couple is not given individual scores, but the judges will give 30 points to the couple they think were the best, 28 to 2nd and 26 to 3rd.

Nicole Scherzinger is up first and she chose the Argentine Tango, which apparently all 3 couples have chosen.  They look spot on.  Very precise, very emotionally connected.  Very fun to watch.  All the lifts were dead on – I loved it!  I don’t think there’s any doubt she will win. Len thought it had intensity, passion and artistry.  Bruno is happy to see the magic continues.  CarrieAnn thinks each step, move and lift was like a beautiful masterpiece. 

Evan Lysacek chose to do the Argentine Tango also because it was his breakthrough dance.  They didn’t have as many lifts as Nicole and Derik, but the intensity and connection was much better this time around for them.  They looks really good doing it.  Bruno thought Evan danced it like a lady killer and thought he kept it slick and stylish this time.  CarrieAnn thinks it’s getting exciting in the ballroom, she thought this dance was true redemption as this was even better than when they performed it the first time, and they got a perfect score.  Len points out that Evan is the only male celebrity left and praised his ability to take control in the dance despite not being the pro.

Erin Andrews and Maks perform their Argentine Tango last.  Again, I don’t think that this is done by coincidence, I like her, but I think this will be her last dance.  Last night they saved the best for last and tonight, they are performing in their final order.  Yet again, Erin and Maks fight during rehearsals.  I know this is way picky, but her intense face looks funny…She kind of smirks and looks constipated all at the same time.  Her dance is good, the lifts and tricks are phenomenal.  She is so damn flexible!  CarrieAnn thinks Erin was in the zone.  Len thinks judging these tangos is the hardest job they’ve ever had.  He thinks she’s proven she’s in the finals on merit.  Bruno calls her sexy and sophisticated. 

Erin and Maks got 26 points, Evan and Anna got 28 points, and Nicole and Derik got the full 30.  I’m not sure I agree with that, but I’m not the judge!

Flashback through the season…we’ve already seen it and I’ve already typed about it…so I’m not gonna recap.  Shannon Dogherty, Buzz Aldrin, and Aiden Turner are back.  Nothing really surprising with Buzz and Aiden, they were both pretty stiff.  But Shannon was good.  I think had she been allowed to stay, I think she could’ve made it far.

Seriously…Jake the bachelor’s fiance gets to come on and dance for this…stupid.  Good thing they’re both not great.  That was stupid.  Top 5 arguments of the season are up now.  fun to relive them…still make me feel awkward.

We find the first couple eliminated, equaling third place, are Erin and Maks.  No surprise there. Tupical trip down memory lane before doing their final dance.  I still think there’s something more going on.

Now we have the college dance championships finals…still don’t like this idea.  Utah Valley won…yea…

Kate Gosselin is back.  It just gets better.  We get to see what she’s up to now.  She had some fun with her dance and took the piss out of it.  Good for her.  Now lets get on with it.

Evan is dancing the quick step and Nicole is dancing the jive.  Should be fun.  Not before Niecy Nash and Pamela Anderson bring sexy back to the dance floor.  Or just sex in Pamela’s case…Damien came out without a shirt…and she just crawled over him, Tony, and Dmitri.  NIecy shook her jiggle parts to Bootylicious…fun, still love her.

They brought out the fog machines for the introduction of the final two.  We get to hear from Nicole, so I guess we’ll see her dance first?  Their jive was high energy, lots of great moves.  It looked awesome.  I still think they will definitely win, think that’s been apparent since the beginning.  I’m guessing all 10’s again.  Nothing but praise from all 3 judges.  30 out of 30.  total of 115 for all dances.

Evan and Anna are next.  Definitely the right choice in dance.  It was sharp and well danced.  Evan kept that connection with Anna, it was so much fun to watch.   Bruno thinks his acting has gotten better, CarrieAnn thought it was wonderful, and Len loved it.  10,9,9.  Should’ve been better!!  Total of 108 points.  Not too far behind, but I still hold strong with my thoughts.

And the winning couple is…………………..Nicole and Derik!  Congrats.  I can’t believe I have to wait for the next season!  Oh well, So You Think You Can Dance starts this week!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Or should I say Nicole Nobrainer. It kind of took the suspense out of the competition since she was the frontrunner since day 1. But she probably deserved it at the same time, being the professional dancer on the show.

    Now, fancy covering SYTYCD? Or am I pushing my luck?

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