Dancing With The Stars – Brandy misses it by THAT much…

Here we are…I’m actually kinda nervous…if Bristol makes it through I’m probably gonna throw up.

Maks and Brandy are chosen to do the encore. Bad choice if you ask me…oh, thats right, they didn’t. I didnt watch, I dont care.

Annie Lennox performs…seriously…4 couples left and its an hour long? Waste of time. They have interpretive dancers for Annie…I think the guy without the shirt is from So You Think You Can Dance. The song is too slow, never heard it, again, dont care. Oh goodie, she’s coming back again.

We now hear from the stars about their experience…and did you know that Brooke danced on DWTS? Just ask her…in summary – they all learned how strong they are.

First we find out how Jennifer and Derek did…but not before we see special behind the scenes footage….is that really necessary? Im feeling a lot of negativity coming tonight! And a commercial…the judges have got to be bored. They are in the FINALS! Alright…so far so good.

And now amazing interviews from Brooke…

Now we get to see who performs the design a dance…derek and cheryl in a 50’s style drive in themed dance. I love him. Wouldve liked a different girl. Totally looks like a scene out of Happy Days or Grease. I love it. Not long enough for my liking, but what can I do. And now another break…really??

Here comes Annie again with some freakish looking dancers. The song is Little Bird, seems like from Brookes intro that I should know it – I dont. I cant take the bird dancers seriously. I wish I have picture in picture right about now…annie, i wish you could be that little bird and fly away too.

And now we hear from the pros about the competition and their thoughts on the stars. You can guess what they’re going to say about eachother and you’d be right.

Next to find out their fate is Kyle and Lacey – again not before a recap of last night. Pretty sure anyone watching tonight was watching last night. They are in the FINALS! Still on the right path. I can NOT wait for their freestyle – I think theirs will probably be the best, Im puttin it out there now.

Ooohhhh…now we get to hear from Enrique Iglesias…did I know that he sang “I like it?” Dont think so…I at least like this song and the pros finally come out to dance! Im pretty sure Enrique doesn’t really sing this song and is just faking that he does – it sounds nothing like the radio…and now he sounds like he’s in fast forward as he jumped an octave…what is going on?? Bruno is laying on the judges table kicking his legs…wow. More interviews with Brooke…yeah. Seriously…Im gonna write in a suggestion to the producers to start voting off co-hosts.

Moment of truth…we see Brandy and Bristol’s clips from last night. I still didnt like that Brandy didnt have a skirt on for the Paso. It should be Brandy in the finals, but Im realizing I will not be too sad if Brandy goes. Im sad the Maks’ arrogance has gotten in the way of our love…the last couple in the finals is……Bristol…seriously…I wanna know who’s behind this!! Im waiting for some words from Maks. Awww…he’s working on winning me over, he was very charming when asked how he felt…no bad words about how f’d up this is. Bruno asks them to come back and freestyle anyway next week – thatd be fun.

Well, there ya have it…Bristol, Kyle and Jennifer will be back next week to fight for the trophy…Bristol had better not get better than 3rd…Im gonna go throw up now.

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