Dancing with the Stars Double Score Showdown 12 April 2010

Raunchy Rumba and Tempting Tango night…oh my…this might be a show to keep the youngens away from.  Tonight they are getting scored both on their performance and their technique, which could either even things out, or make it a runaway for those on the top.  Even in the opening walk I am worried about the dresses falling off…Oh, and each couple has to do 3 specific moves.

It starts off with the judges give advice to the dancers doing the Tango.  Jake hasn’t shown enough performance, Erin needs to get rid of her death grip, Evan needs to find precision in his footwork, Kate they think might do well in the tango as she has small precise moves.  Vienese crosses, continuous outside swivel and a contra check are the three moves required in the Tango.  Not that I know what any of that means.  So that have the pros show us.  That doesn’t help at all – I still don’t know which moves are which.

Erin Andrews is first.  As she’s heard, she needs to work on footwork, so that’s the focus.  We find out that she’s having trouble with her back, some sort of contusion and muscle spasm, but she’s going to dance through…after the break…it starts of with Erin and a funny face being creepy with Len.  I can’t get past her weird facial expression…I can’t tell what she’s trying to do.  Her footwork is good, but a little behind Maksim I think.  I think it looks awkward all around.  Of course Len liked the start.  Apparently she started well and then lost her performance.  CarrieAnn thought she lost her performance because of focus on technique.  This week we get nine votes per phoneline.  Sidenote:Brooke’s outfit is ridiculous, as are her interview skills.  Technical scores: 6,6,6.  Ouch.  Performance: 7,7,7.

Seriously, if Kate doesn’t stop the drama, I’m gonna slap her.  If you’re so worried about your outside life, don’t do the show.

Evan Lysacek will show us how much he has worked on his feet.  Let’s see if he can stay on top. This week their focus was on details, details, details.  His performance is pretty good, but I think he goes back into a waltz type demeanor rather than the aggressiveness needed in a tango. He looked like he worked on his footwork, but really what do I know.  Bruno thought it was strong and powerful.  CarrieAnn thinks his work on the technique boosted his performance too.  His footwork pleased Len.  Sounds like scores are gonna be high.  Technical scores: 9,8,9.  Performance: 9,8,9.  Not bad at all.

See Tom Bergeron on Castle after the show.  Interesting.

Now start some of the Rumbas.  What the judges want: story between a couple.  Pamela has the sex in her blood, though she needs to brush up on technique.  Chad needs to work on his performance.  They think Nicole just goes for the wow.  Niecy needs to get it all working together.  They are worried that Aiden’s nerves get the best of him.  The 3 steps they are looking for sprial into rope spin, open to the right and left, and sliding doors.  Again, the pros are back.  Kym is in her underwear.  This teaches me nothing other than the fact I am jealous of how good Kym looks in her knickers.

Niecy Nash is the first one to take on the Rumba.  They are on the road this week while Niecy is working.  They are dedicating this song to Niecy’s brother, who died young. I like it.  She needs to get her hips going a little more, but she looks good.  Performance is gonna be big; she is into it.  I don’t know if she got it all working together enough.  Len would’ve liked more hip action (point 1 for me), though he thought it was boring.  Bruno didn’t think it gelled.  CarrieAnn felt the emotional connection.  Niecy looks pissed.  Technical scores: 6,6,6.  Performance: 6,6,6.  Wow, I was way wrong on that.  I think that was too low.  Louis looks like he might punch someone.

Aiden Turner is doing the Rumba next. Edyta is trying to get Aiden to be less shy and self-conscious.  He is scared to feel Edyta up.  I’m not sure there’s another guy out there who would say that.  Ummm….I’m not a big fan.  He really is trying, but he still looks stiff.  At least he’s smiling at times.  Len is going to want more raunch I think.  CarrieAnn decided to start with the positive, thought he was more connected, but thought the movement was starting at the wrong place.  Len is harsh.  Bruno thought the facial expressions were good, but the dancing was off.  Technical scores: 5,5,5.  Brooke asks: “were you looking for more?”  seriously???  you think they wanted less than half the points??  Performance: 6,6,6.

Nicole Scherzinger is going to attempt to Rumba back into Len’s heart after breaking the rules last week.  She starts out by walking across the floor – it’s a litle weird.  I don’t like her costume either. The dress keeps from being able to see if her hips are really moving.  It’s emotional though.  Overall I think it’s good.  Bruno thinks she is an unobtainable creature or something…he thinks there should have been more sex. CarrieAnn could see her quivering on the floor.  Len seems more forgiving of her than Aiden, though he didn’t like her sliding doors…Technical scores: 9,8,8.  Wow, much higher than the feedback made it seem.  Performance.  8,8,9.  Nicole is emotional.

Oh shit, here comes Jake Pavelka and another damn rose.  Tango or not.  LEAVE THE ROSE ALONE!  He wasn’t ready to be in the bottom 2 last week, so now he is going to let his guard down and trust Chelsea.  At least the rose didn’t come into the dance.  He looks better than in last weeks in that he looks more comfortable.  I’m not sure the cheesy grin shouts Tango.  Ooooh, they just did a fun turn thing on the steps, that was cool.  Uhoh, Jake just slipped somehow, but he kept going.  Could’ve been bad. Len thought the overall attitude was great.  Bruno emphasized the very in very messy.  CarrieAnn thinks he isn’t connected to Chelsea. Technical scores: 6,7,6.  Performance: 7,6,6.

Let’s see if Kate Gosselin can do something other than walk through the dance.  She’s whining about her life again and not letting go.  Tony is trying to make it about Jon, maybe that will work…something has to change.  She is self-pitying again.  She could totally let the anger work for her.   Not great, but better than previous weeks.  Both her performance and her technique are better than any other week.  Bruno thinks there was a mini break through.  Technique is still very very bad.  CarrieAnn is really proud.  Len commends Tony for working with Kate and producing her best dance yet.  Technical scores: 4,5,5.  Right on I think for where she is.  Performance: 6,6,6.  I love Tony.

Chad Ochocinco is up next with his Rumba.  He felt like a kid on Christmas after last week’s scores.  I still think he and Cheryl are doing it.  He does have pretty good hip action.  His lines seem better too.  His feet are still off a little I think. Performance is good.  And they end in a bed of feathers…weird.  CarrieAnn thinks this is Chad’s best dance by miles.  She loved the hip action too.  Len thought improvement in posture and performance.  Bruno said his lines were good.  I’m pretty sure I get a point from all judges for being right on!  Technical scores: 7,6,8.  Not bad.  Performance: 8,7,8.  Best yet all around.

Saved the sex for last with Pamela Anderson.  Len tells her that she needs to refine herself a little and not make it too raunchy.  I still can’t get past her facial expressions.  I feel like there is a lot of posing and not as much dancing as there could be.  What dancing she does do seems good.  Maybe she’s scared her bedsheet will fall off.  She’s certainly flexible.  They seriously are doing it.  Len thought it was understated and sophisticated.  Bruno thinks she can do refinement and elegance.  Thinks it’s her technical best.  CarrieAnn thought there was something profound happening.  Technical scores: 7,8,8.  Performance: 8,7,9.  Highest scores so far.

Next Monday each couple will be dancing to a song from an iconic movie and the show will only last 90 minutes. Maybe then I will write less.  Probably not, but oh well. I think it’s time for Aiden or Kate to go.  You have another 30 mn to vote.  Get it done!

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