Dancing with the Stars Fall Premiere

Ok…So it’s the first night of the show, and I’m already having technical glitches.  I was just about to upload the blog when I lost the entire thing.  All my witty comments and professional critiques are gone, lost forever to cyberspace.  There is no way to recreate the masterpiece that I had, so I will just have to give a quick rundown and hope it suffices.

Brooke’s dress, very revealing.  I thought for sure her girls were going to make an appearance at some point.  Her interviews continue to be awkward, with long pauses.  I’m so excited for another season of her!

Audrina Patridge was first…she wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.  Has the body for dancing, but wasn’t quite connecting everything.  Comments from judges and scores were middle of the road.

Kurt Warner was next…he has 7 kids, which means he might have the ability to win just because of their votes…this people is why voting is important.  On his dancing, it really wasn’t bad.  He was pretty graceful and actually had a good performance.  I’m excited to see what else he has.  Judges were also impressed by his grace.

Rick Fox is the other athlete.  It was awkward with his height difference with Cheryl.  He was also pretty graceful.   Judges gave good scores and comments.

Bristol Palin danced with Mark Ballas and wasn’t too bad, wasn’t too great.  She could be this year’s Kate Gosselin in that she wants to do well, but just can’t let loose.  She seemed to be trying to get comfortable and had a cute play on the fact that her mom is in politics.

Kyle Massey was up.  Apparently he’s a big star on Disney Channel, which may be why you don’t know him, or at least that’s my excuse.  He actually was pretty good.  he was adorable.  He’s got great stage presence and will have no problem in the acting the dance part.  His dancing wasn’t too bad either.  I think that he could be good.  The judges liked him as well.

Margaret Cho was up and the judges hated her play on the Viennese Waltz.  She had fun with it, as she is a comedianne, and the judges wanted more steps.  I thought she had potential and did pretty well.  She will be this year’s Neicy Nash, and she’s even with Louis.  We’ll see how long she’ll last though.

Florence Henderson was up, and she’s is going to be this year’s Cloris Leechman, and she’s even with Corky Ballas.  She is a very cheeky woman and I love it.  There’s not much to her dancing, a lot of comedy.  She will stay because she’s Carol Brady, but it’s going to be hard to watch I think.

The Situation.  Oh goodness.  It took 2 seconds into the dance for him to start fist pumping.  Since he had only 5 days to get ready, he decided to stick with his 80’s dance moves, which the judges didn’t like.  Len put him in his place which was AWESOME!  I kinda do want him to come back though, just to see what he can do.

Brandy danced and was very graceful.  I think she will be a contender.  She had good lines and good movement.  She got great scores from the judges.

Jennifer Grey danced an emotional danced.  She had a song from Dirty Dancing which made her emotional when she found out.  She was very graceful and connected through the entire thing.  It was awesome to watch.  It will be interesting to see how she does with the faster dances, but I think she’ll have no problem with the slow ones.

Michael Bolton was awkward to watch.  He tried hard, and improved a lot from the beginning, but still hard to watch.

The Hoff ended the show, dancing to Sex Bomb.  Utterly ridiculous.  He thinks he’s amazing.  He’s not.  He’ll stay for a couple weeks because he’s the Hoff.  That sucks.

And it’s over.  Someone leaves already tomorrow.  It could be an interesting season.  I’m thinking that Brandy, Kyle, and Jennifer will be there for awhile I hope.  Audrina will probably stay awhile.  I want Florence, Hoff, or Michael Bolton to leave tomorrow, but I doubt it will be any of them.  I’m thinking Margaret Cho might go.  Tune in tomorrow to see…or actually Wednesday, because I have to bowl tomorrow night.



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  1. Abby Simon

    um, i think it might just be there. Jersey Shore and “the situation” seem to be the big things over here.  i didn’t even really know who she was.

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