Dancing With the Stars Final Dances 24 May 2010

Well, here we are, the final dances.  Tom and Brooke are all dolled up for the evening, puffy hair and all.  The intro music lasts WAY too long…it’s weird just watching the stars hang out.  Redemtion dances and the free style dances are tonight.

Erin Andrews starts us off. Bruno gets to help them this week.  Their redemtion dance is the Samba.  Bruno tells her to get over her nerves and just do it.  She still doesn’t look completely comfortable doing the dance at times.  There’s a little too much playing around for me, but it was fun.  They definitely had a good time with it.  I still think there’s something more going on with them…Len thinks there was great improvement from the first time.  Bruno thinks she’s hotter than noon in the tropics.  CarrieAnn thought she moved herself up 3 notches…apparently I’m in a bad mood…10,10,9.  I’m really in a bad mood I guess cause I would’ve given an 8 or 9…

Evan Lysacek gets to go next and his redemtion dance is the Viennese waltz.  Len is helping them out and he teaches Evan about the chemistry.  He does a much better job with the cchemistry this time and looking at her between moves.  He is so elegant, I think these are his best dances cause of his lines.  Bruno had nothing bad to say, CarrieAnn thought all the things that were bad last time were much improved, Len thought it had grace and elegance, but thought he collapsed a little bit in his standing leg…whatever that means…10,9,9.  I thought they should have the same as Erin and Maks.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derik are last, which I don’t think is a coincidence…I think that is how they will end too, with Nicole being the last one standing.  Nicole got the Rumba and CarrieAnn is helping them out.  CarrieAnn wants her to let go and focus on the connection.  It’s definitely sensual and sexy…I can say that. She’s defintely not as nervous as the last time she did the Rumba either.  Whoa, they did some freaky creative and hard position at the end. CarrieAnn thought all her edges softened.  Len loved the subtlety of the choreography and he saw a lack of confidence every once in awhile – I didn’t see that.  Bruno thought it had extreme beauty.  9,9,10.  Leaving Erin in 1st place by a point in a twist…

Erin and Maks are up first for the free style.  Their goal is to set themselves apart from the other two groups.  They decided to go for a contemporary free style.  So Maks brought in choerographer Mandy Moore, who works on So You Think You Can Dance for those of you who follow that.  This will definitely be different.  This actually suits her very well.  She looks very comfortable.  I’m very jealous…I want to dance like that with Maks!  I loved it.  Len thought it was a mix of emotion and commotion and he didn’t love it, but he liked it.  Bruno thought she did well with the contemporary.  CarrieAnn loved that both Erin and Maks took a risk with this dance.   9,8,9.  Wow.  Unexpected 8 there.

Evan and Anna had a huge difference of opinion in what their freestyle should be.  She ended up crying as they had such a hard time seeing eye to eye with the whole thing.  hahaha…they put a ‘to be continued’ on that frame – glad I get to see the rest after this commercial break!  I wonder if they will kiss and make up and come up with a freestyle???  Anna brought in a choreograhper too named Bobby Newberry.  Surprisingly, they were able to work together! They did a whole Footloose themed dance which seemed to work well for them.  I don’t know that it really showed off their talent as much as it could have.  It was definitely fun with some cool lifts. Bruno thought he looked like he was bitten by a tarantula…he didn’t seem impressed.  CarrieAnn thought it was odd.  Len thought it was path of least resistence…I’m predicting not great scores…8,8,8.  Ouch.  I wonder if they have regrets about how they went about that.

Nicole and Derik bring up the rear…this is sure to be physical and intense.  It’s not quite what I thought it would be..I thought it would be more hiphop, but while it has it’s moments, it’s more just fun.  It’s very jive like.  It was very cute and fun…not quite to the calibur I thought it would.  She screwed up a little at the end, didn’t quite get the lift right.  Crazy high-octane octupus is what that was according to CarrieAnn.  Len loved that he could identify multiple dance styles in there.  Bruno thinks they pushed the bar really high.  9,9,9. 

So, Nicole and Erin are tied for 1st and with Evan in the rear.  But they get to dance two more dances tomorrow night.  You can only vote tonight.  So get on it.  I’m so sad that I won’t be able to watch live tomorrow night…so look for my recap of the final a little later…


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