Dancing with the Stars Finale – And The Winners Are…….JENNIFER AND DEREK

Here we are…the last night of one of the most bizarre seasons of Dancing With The Stars.  And no doubt, they will make it as dramatic as possible and no doubt we will see as much of the past 11 weeks as we can without actually showing every single episode.  There will be final performances by our final 3, our celebs who have been booted, as well as the pros.  Which is how the show starts.  Oh Hoff…I’m glad you were first to go.  Oh Kurt, how I’ve missed you!  We have a huge group dance with all the celebs who have been booted as the intro for the 3 that are left.  Minus Michael Bolton as my brother pointed out, oh and Audrina, as Brooke pointed out.  No love lost there.  All the celebs are wearing red and the pros are wearing black…just in case we get confused over who’s who.  And here starts the recaps too.  And now we hear how the scoring works since there has been so much controversy.  Apparently there has been question over whether Jennifer would be dancing tonight as she ruptured a disk in her back last night.  But she’s in it to win it.  And break.

Apparently Brooke ran into a scissors before the show…she’s missing just one part under her left boob…someone really should tell her.  Christina Aguilera performs a song from her new movie Burlesque.  I actually want to see this movie.  She has an amazing voice, and these people can shake it.  Get your ass up and show me how you burlesque. 

Apparently the dances tonight are going to be ranked, and not just scored normally.  Each judge can use their 8,9,10 paddles once.

Kyle has chosen to do the Tango again for his first dance.  Oohh…pyrotechnics…love it.  He definitely has the intensity.  He has gained so much confidence throughout the show and it comes through.  It was quick and fun to watch.  Len loves that Kyle comes out full on.  They all comment on his ability to get the crowd connected to him and his professionalism.  Apparently Montel Williams is a huge Kyle fan…hmmm

Bristol goes with their rock week tango in order to have fun.  Bristol wants to break hold again during the Tango, despite the fact that she lost a point last time.  I think that’s a pretty big risk knowing that they are being ranked.  She definitely doesn’t look like she’s having fun.  She still looks bored and these outfits remind me of marching band uniforms.  Apparently Bruno thought her performance was great tonight…I must not understand what the performance should be like.  Maybe HD makes things so clear that I can see right through the expressions…hmmm

Jennifer chooses to do her Viennese Waltz.  This is the dance she did the first week where she was reminded of Patrick because of the song.  Love a little pull of the heartstrings.  I think this is a perfect choice, she looks so elegant in the slow dances.  There’s a maturity about her that obviously the others can’t create.  The crowd loves it all the way through…they are on their feet.  No question for me that they will get the 10s. 

Kyle got the 9’s from CarrieAnn and Bruno, but the 8 from Len.  WTF.  Bristol gets the 8’s from CarrieAnn and Bruno and the 9 from Len, leaving all 10’s for Jennifer.

Now they’re doing an instant ChaCha…where they are learning the song tonight and then they pick their order.  The song is ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink.  Kyle will dance first, followed by Jennifer, ending with Bristol.

And now we get to see/hear from the booted celebs.  Starting with the Hoff…oohh…he’s singing this time…I don’t know which is worse.  He’s singing the Baywatch theme, and now he’s dancing with the pros in swimsuits…yup…stick to getting drunk.  Apparently Kurt and Rick are facing off in a battle of the athletes.   Oh cute, they’re dressed in their teams colors and dancing to Eye of the Tiger.  Cheryl still looks funny with Rick.  And they chest bump…awesome.  Oh wow…there’s still an hour left…Here come Florence and Margaret dancing to CopaCabana. I wish Margaret would have lasted longer and Florence would have left earlier…Florence looks like a banana.  Ah, The Situation is making his return…and he’s dancing to ‘I’m too sexy’ and comes out fist pumping…takes off his shirt and then is surrounded by 3 female dancers…nothing like a good stereotype.  Here comes Brandy to prove why she should be in the finals.  And now, Christina Aguilera is back to sing ‘Beautiful’.

Kyle starts…Lacey is wearing a black spider web…I love this kid!  He is so sharp and fun at the same time.  Here comes Jennifer.  She just moves so fast.  I hate the frilly pants thing.  And now Bristol, who looks like a big feather.  She’s not so bad, definitely improved, best yet actually, still not the same caliber as the others.  Kyle – 9,9,10. Jennifer – 9,9,10.  Apparently they are back to regular scoring.  Bristol – 9,9,9.

3rd place goes to….Bristol and Mark.  phew.  I don’t have to shoot my tv with my imaginary gun.  She’s very gracious, says this is has been the best time of her life.  Gotta like that she got in her truck and drove 5 days to get to the show.  We get to see her journey…kinda fun to watch.  She said she found her confidence and this has been a wonderful experience for her. 

And the winners are………..Jennifer and Derek.  Meaning Kyle and Lacey are 2nd, for those of you out there who are a little slow.  It’s a 3peat for Jennifer.  Lacey praises Kyle and says he’s a winner in her eyes.  Kyle thanks the fans and congratulates Derek and Jennifer…stand up guy.  Jennifer and Derek raise the trophy high, give it the obligatory kisses and smile a lot under the confetti.  Can’t wait til the new cast and new twists that will come with the spring season…


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