Dancing with the Stars – Finale Part 1!

Here we are, finally!  I’m so excited for the dances tonight.  I’m still not happy that Bristol is in the finals, but after reading an article by Mark Cuban about how the scoring is done on the show, I’m no longer really surprised.  Anyway.  It is what it is.  So, here we go.  I don’t really diI told a friend it was ok to hope she falls, I’ve since been told by my mom that’s not ok.  So…I hope she stumbles…I don’t really dislike her at all and I think for sure she’s the most improved, I just don’t think she was better than the others.  My mom thinks that Derek manscaped and yet she still wants me to marry him so he can teach her to dance.

First round tonight is a redemption dance that the judges picked.  This is a dance where the judges felt the dancers should have excelled but didn’t.  The second round is the highly anticipated freestyle round.  Apparently they have 2 more dances tomorrow too…wow…this is intense.

First up is Kyle with a fox trot…this is the dance that Len gave a 5 while the others gave a 7 and 8.  Len comes to visit and holds Kyle tight and teaches him how to dance.  You can’t miss him in his Gold Lamae jacket, that’s for sure. I like him better in the faster dances.  He seems to look like he’s going to attack Lacey and I’ve always felt the fox trot isn’t that intense, but more fun. He does loads better than the first time.  He went from messy masey to marvelous apparently.  Bruno almost poked Len in the eye.  CarrieAnn thinks they can do better, but I’m not sure why.  9,9,9. Quite the redemption.

Next Bristol gets the jive…this time without the monkey costume.  Bristol talks about how she doesn’t understand why people don’t think she deserves to be there…Bruno comes in to try to get her to let loose a little.  She’s still not great at this dance.  She doesn’t have enough personality, steps, or technique.  This is why people don’t think you should be here.  Is it better than before, yes, is it better than the others, NO. Bruno talked more about the fact he enjoyed it, but said nothing about the steps.  They all said the same thing.  This is what bugs me…they’re not actually judging her on the steps like they are everyone else.  They’re so proud her personality coming out and her coming secure in herself they aren’t looking at how she is compared to the others.  I guess I really need to give it up, it’s only reality tv right?  I really shouldn’t be this invested!  ha! 9,9,9.  I’m so confused as to what they are seeing.

Finally Jennifer dances the paso doble.  CarrieAnn really didn’t like the first time she did this.  CarrieAnn comes in to help this week.  I’m excited.  Oh, the floor is dark minus a spotlight on them and the red lining of lights.  I like it.  She looks much more put together than last time.  It’s hard to take my eyes off her. She was powerful.  CarrieAnn was so proud. Standing O from Len…nice.  I feel 10’s comin! Seriously Bruno, you scare me.  I think he writes romance novels in his spare time with as many romantic descriptions he has for the dances.  10’s…no surprise…if she doesn’t win…

Kyle looks like he dressed as the fresh prince of bel air for his free style.  He fits the character. I have high expectations for this.  He’s gonna push himself beyond his physical limits.  I wouldn’t be upset if he won either.  He starts on the judges desk and does the tootsie roll…love it, makes me feel like i’m in high school again.  This was made for him. The worm even came out, as does his bionic bootie.  Very high energy..very fun…not sure there were enough lifts…but it was just so much fun.  CarrieAnn being an old fly girl, loved the old school hip hop.  Feelin some 10’s.  10,9,10. 

They are really pushing this skating with the stars show…I’m not sure about it…they are all wearing hef-style robes…that can’t lead to good things.

Bristol is doing a song from the musical Chicago.  She has never heard of the musical therefor is worried about the dance style, I would be too…it’s pretty popular.  This requires so much character.  She did pretty well with it.  I kinda liked it.  I don’t know if it was a great choice for a freestyle, no lifts really, nothing new since it’s kind of a familiar piece and still a lot to live up to, but it did highlight how much she has improved in character.  Bruno says the same thing.  8,9,8. 

Jennifer finishes the show, and I expect greatness. Derek says that Jennifer is on a need to know basis for the tricks…he has to ease her in.  Aawww..she’s dancing to Do you Love me?  Totally from Dirty Dancing. Way to play on the heartstrings.  Total energy throughout.  I think she missed a couple steps, but she went for it.  Lots of tricks, dancing on the judges table, sexiness.  She hit it hard.  Judges had not a bad word.  I’m guessing another perfect for her.  yup, 10’s.

call tonight…last chance to vote.  If you don’t vote, you can’t complain about who gets through.  Looking forward to tomorrow night…the couples have 2 more dances, plus we get to see the past couples come back and dance.  yeah.



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