Dancing with the Stars – Instant Dance Night

So, tonight we have instant dances, where the couples learn the music after round 1, and have to do their dance after round 1 is over.  They’ve been practicing a dance all week to whatever music they felt like.  This could be interesting.

Kyle and Lacey start with a Viennese Waltz.  They worked very hard on his footwork this week since Len tore Kyle apart on that with the Waltz.  It looks like it worked.  He looks like he’s growing into a mature character and doesn’t just look young.  Ah the transformations on Dancing with the Stars.  The judges love it, good enough for 3 9’s.  They now find out the song for the next dance – it’s Good Golly Miss Molly.  They go off to practice.

Jennifer and Derek are up next with a quickstep.  She has more issues with her body this week, namely with her knee.  Her dad comes to cheer her up and push her on.  You wouldn’t know throughout the dance that she is hurting…maybe it’s all a ploy to get votes…hmmm…she looks great, the judges say it was vintage Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair.  Also 3-9’s.  They get their song – Waiting for a Girl Like You by Journey.

We see Kyle and Lacey practicing…they are nervous because this song is completely different than what they’ve been dancing too in style, tempo and length…hmmm.  Apparently they have 4 extra stages backstage for the couples to practice.

Kurt and Anna Waltz next.  They are a little worried because with it being slow, it will highlight Kurt’s is weaknesses.  His arm looks a little off, but his feet look good.  He still is so cute…he looks like a regular prince charming.  CarrieAnn thinks he could be a ballroom dancing ken doll…hmmm 3-8’s.  Their song is Hella Good by No Doubt.  They have no idea what it is.

Mark and Bristol have an Argentine Tango.  Bristol hears from her mom to just dominate and take over…hmmm.  I’m surprised she’s still here, but as my mom pointed her, she has an entire state voting for her.  She definitely has improved week to week.  She’s much more comfortable with the character of the dance.  She’s definitely not up to par with the other couples, but she’s not as hard to watch.  There were not enough steps for me. The judges are still giving encouraging feedback to soften the criticism. 3-8’s.  No way she should have gotten the same as Kurt.  Brooke has the same tage line for every couple.  They get Mas Que Nada as a song…yup, they didn’t know it either.

Brandy and Maks bring up the rear with the Waltz.  They apparently have found common ground…doesn’t look like it.  She starts with a solo, which is quite beautiful and simple.  She looks confused though and not serene.  Her dancing is good, nice fast turns.  Now she looks sad.  Apparently the faces brought emotional connection for them and not confusion.  I would get yelled at all the damn time if I were a judge for being the mean one. 9,10,10.  Seriously??  I don’t agree that it was better than Kyle and Jennifer’s by that much.    Their song is Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.

Lacey brings in Steve O to help him stay focused on his dance.  He even came in naked at one point.  Not sure how that helps anything…DanceCenter comes back tomorrow – I’m PUMPED!! 

Kyle and Lacey start off the instant dance round.  He seems to be working well with the music.  No trouble staying on the beat. It was great, so many fun moments in it.  High energy for sure.  New music didn’t phase them one bit.  Bruno gets up off his chair…sit down man, you’re gonna break something.  I’m detecting some 10’s to come. 10,9,10.  Not too shabby.

Jennifer and Derek are next with a rhumba.  Doesn’t look like the music is bothering her at all either.  Seriously, you should not be able to move like that at 50.  She looks confident and hot.  Judges love it – I feel more 10’s to come.  10,10,10.  First perfect 30.  Apparently the instant dances aren’t that hard.

Kurt and Anna have the ChaChaCha.  I have a feeling that this dance is going to set him apart from the others.  His brood of kids come to visit.  His character definitely makes the whole dance.  He does much better than I thought he would.  I thought he’d look like a fool and he proved me wrong!  No 10’s, but maybe a 9! 3 8’s.  I think he deserved a 9.

Bristol and Mark have a Samba.  Again, I don’t have high hopes for her.  She definitely has learned how to shake it. She definitely struggled the most and looked to Mark for what she was supposed to be doing next.  But what she did do, she did pretty well.  Got lost a couple times, but stuck with it and had fun.  Apparently Mark actually lost it and not Bristol…I call politics.  Still think she should go, but I like her more.  7,8,8. Proves that Kurt should have gotten at least a 9.

Brandy and Maks are last and need 29 to take the top spot.  Apparently their booties are competing against each other.  They are doing the ChaChaCha.  She looks pretty good.  I don’t think she’s getting full extension with her arms though.  I’m not sure I like the finish…they just kinda did random moves and were done.  I assume the judges will love it.  Now CarrieAnn and Maks are arguing pretty good – it felt awkward from my house.  I think I’m starting to have a tough time with Maks and it feels wrong…he really struggles hearing any criticism.  9,9,10.  Tied with Jennifer and Derek.

I hope that Bristol finally goes home this week – it will definitely be between Kurt and Bristol.  The final three, as I’ve said from day 1, will be Brandy, Jennifer, and Kyle.  And if it’s not…it’s bad news and the whole show is rigged. I hope that Brooke also leaves after this season…I wish we could vote off the hosts…a girl can dream.

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