Dancing with the Stars – judges challenge 5 April 2010

Watching the show with my parents tonight.  Mom thinks it’s going to be a great night because Brooke has put more clothes on, my dad disagrees.  Do they really need 5 mn to introduce the ‘stars’ and pan across the stage?  So they explain the challenge which is to tell a story through their dance.  They have the pros come on to show what it would look like for all the dances they have to do tonight, which are the waltz, the paso doble and the quickstep.  They bring back some of the pros from past years, which has caused me to lose my first argument as I thought one of the pros was from this year, but it wasn’t.

Evan Lysacek and Anna are up first with the quickstep. I think that Evan should be good at telling a story as he does that all the time for ice skating.  Though, the question will be, how well can he do it with a partner.  Stars off with a solo, which goes pretty well, though I’m not sure Len will like the first part cause there was a little running around.  Evan seems to have the character down and looks good with the steps and the character.  He is fun to watch.  Mom didn’t think they were together to start with, but it was really good.  Len thought it was full on, but Evan needs to work on his feet.  Bruno thought Evan was ready to give Anna the ride of her life…CarrieAnn thought it was twinkling.  Apparently Evan had “just a couple of broken toes” to work through this week it turns out.  Bruno and CarrieAnn give 9’s and Len gave an 8.  Not too bad.  Remember, you have 10 votes per phoneline this week.

And it looks like there’s going to be more ‘drama on the dancefloor’ as my mom put it.  They go to break with lots of clips of fiesty dancers.  Can’t wait.

Buzz Aldren is up next.  My mom thinks it’s going to be painful and looks like she might not even watch it.  They have the waltz and a story that seems to fit in with his astronaut background.  I’m hoping for a little bit of an improvement.  My mom just came up with a great idea – have just an old people’s dancing with the stars, so they can all dance together at the same level…Ashly made it nice and slow she he could get all his footwork in.  I was right, my mom cannot stand to watch it. He is so fricken cute.  But a dancer he is not.  We’ve decided that if he doesn’t go, it’s not fair.  Again, the judges try to wrap major criticism’s up in cute little bows.  CarrieAnn thought he played an old man well… I spoke too soon.  Len did not wrap his criticism up – he told it like it was.  It’s funny that even Buzz agrees with the fact he is not a good dancer…They were 1 point better than last week with a 13.  Commercial break gives me time to get more wine, which I’m thinking I may need tonight.

Jake ‘The Bachelor’ Pavelka is determined to score higher than the last two weeks.  He thinks he’s been bitten by the dancing bug.  Jake can’t handle a woman taking control – he thinks she’s disrespectful.  They have a quickstep that doesn’t look all that quick, but is a fun story.  Maybe that’s just because I like the song “walk like an egyptian”. Mom thinks it was pretty cool – I felt like Chelsea did most of the moves.  I think the judges agree with me, that it was a fun production and story, but the moves themselves weren’t great.  7-7-7…I think that’s the same.

Niecy Nash, the revelation, is hilarious.  The story she and Louis are teling is about being a cross-racial couple, which really gets to Niecy on a personal level.  This is bound to be great I think because their connection to it will be deep.  It looks beautiful and she is totally connected to the story, I’m not sure her footwork is great.  Uhoh, I think she might have just been lifted – we’ll have to wait to hear from CarrieAnn to know for sure.  Mom is clapping – she thinks it was very good.  Len likes it was a story without props, which he likes, but he didn’t think the technique was great.  Bruno agrees.  CarrieAnn thinks Niecy came close to a lift, but it was not.  7-7-7.  Mom and I are disappointed, thought she should have definitely gotten at least one 8.

With Chad Ochocinco coming up, my mom and I have had an enlightening coversation on changing names.  She’s wondering if she would be more ‘hip’ if she changed her last name to a bunch of numbers.  I told her to wait and see how Chad does before she decides.  I also wonder if he knows that Ochocinco is not eighty-five, but eight five.  Spose he doesn’t care.  More wine please.  Back to the dancing.  He is doing a paso doble where he gets to show off his chest, right up his alley.  It’s also about arrogance, which also seems to be up his alley.  Though he says this is a humbling experience – mom says it’s good to be humbled.  I can’t decide how I feel about it.  Some parts were good and some were pretty bad.  Bruno thinks Chad released the Kraken.  His lines have to be straight from him – no one writes that stuff.  CarrieAnn thinks it was miles ahead of last week and Len agrees. 7-6-7. well deserved.

Next up, Pamela Anderson has sex on the dancefloor.  Oh, I mean she gets ready to Paso Doble, it’s all the same though right?  Mom thinks duct tape might help make sure her dress stays on.  Pamela needed some inspiration, so Charo came in to help.  Her dancing wasn’t horrible, she did better when in holds than she did when she was dancing side by side. The judges liked her intensity though thought she needs a little refinement. 7-7-7.  I think that’s right on.

Aiden Turner tries his hand at a quickstep.  His family came in to practice for his birthday, cute.  They are very cute.  He seems to be a down to earth guy.  Let’s see if that helps his dancing.  I am a little sidetracked by the singer who squeaked a couple note.  I thought overall the dance was pretty good.  He looked good, but his knee came a little high sometimes.  He looked less tense this week.  The judges thought it was pretty good and had a lot of high points. 7-6-7. 

Erin Andrews has the waltz this week.  Maksim has an interesting teaching method this week of blindfolding Erin so that she has to trust him.  Again, Maks has them start off doing solos, and again, I think she does a good job of it.  She actually dances with the blindfold on, which goes well with the story and song.  I’m liking her more and more.  Her face at the end was a little weird and totally broke the mood.  I predict an 8.  CarrieAnn thought it was breathtakingly articstic.  Len thought the start was boring – I disagree. 8-7-8.  Just as I predicted.  Len is a little cranky tonight.  Oh, and you should vote.  Cause that’s what is going to keep your favorite dancers in.

Kate Gosselin is doing a paso doble to papparazzi by Lady Gaga.  This could be a good one for her.  Tony brought in an acting coach in order to bring out her true emotions.  And here I thought she was just a witch, turns out she is hiding her true emotions.  hmm.  Don’t thiunk Len is going to like the beginning part – too many props.  She is a little more fluid this week, but still looks like she is just walking through her dance.  There isn’t much to it and I’m not really feeling the emotion.  She still looks scared.  CarrieAnn thinks it was odd.  Len didn’t think there was much paso to it at all.  Bruno agrees that it looked like she was walking.  5-5-5.  Crowd is booing – I agree though.  It’s probably a good thing I’m not in the crowd, I’d get beat up by them.

Oh, next week they are throwing a little twist in by giving two scores, one for technique and one for performance.  That is actually exciting to me.  I feel like a lot of my comments tonight have been on the fact that the performance has been good but the technique hasn’t been great.  I like it.

Nicole Scherzinger, the judges favorite, has a quickstep to finish off the show.  I’m not sure she is going to make it through the dance without her chest falling out.  Wow!  Nicole has a minor meltdown this week.  She lives up to expectations.  I really like Derik’s choreography. I think he does a great job with all his partner’s and playing to their abilities.  I liked her better than last week, which probably means a 10 is in store, since she got one last week and I didn’t like it as well.  Len didn’t think there was any quickstep in there.  Bruno thought it was well played, but didn’t have enough choreography.  CarrieAnn saw a lift.  I guess that’s why I’m not a judge, I have no idea what the dances are supposed to look like!. 8-6-9.  Wow.  Now that’s drama.

Evan and Anna are at the top of the leader board this week and Buzz is still at the bottom…Tune in tomorrow to see who gets kicked off.  And don’t forget to vote, no one is safe.


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