Dancing with the Stars – Kurt Warner gets intercepted by Bristol Palin???

So, I know that I’m a couple days late and most people already know, but I figured I would post anyway. I still don’t have internet connection at my house and was sick yesterday, so haven’t been able to post.

Kyle and Lacey were picked to do the encore show. We had performances by Taio Cruz, John Legend, and The Roots. Not a bad line up at all for the evening. Can’t forget about Dance Center with Kenny Mayne. I love it. I love Emmitt in it and Kenny is just ridiculous. Love this part of the season.

We find out that Kyle is safe, and then that Jennifer is safe. No big surprises there. We have prodigies come and perform. They’re pretty awesome, but let’s stop wasting time. I’ve got stuff to do.

Then comes the big shock…Bristol is safe and Brandy is at risk along with Kurt. What the hell. I mean, she has definitely shown improvement, but is no where near where the other couples are at. Which brings up my issues with the judging. The judges seem to judge not based on where they should be or how they compare to each other, but on their feelings toward that dancer. Should she be given marks for improvement, sure, but then she should’ve started lower. Her dance was no where near where Kurt’s was, but they got close to the same score. Which helps in the end. Off my soap box.

We find out that Kurt is going home, not much of a surprise as he was with Brandy in the bottom. I am hoping that this doesn’t turn out like the year Marie Osmond ended up in the final three and had the worst free-style dance ever. I am sad to see him go. Had no thought he would make it to the finals, but certainly thought he would make it further than Bristol…well, let’s see how it goes next week…

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