Dancing with the Stars Results – Audrina gets sent back to the hills

As always, we get right down to it.  They start tonight with the bottom three couples on the leader board, Kurt, Jennifer, and Bristol.  I have to say, I disagree with the scores for all of them from last night.  Kurt and Bristol are safe, Jennifer is still in jeopardy…seriously?!

The encore dance is Bristol and Mark. Still can’t believe that she isn’t going home…I hope now that it’s Rick leaving.

Heart performs their hit song Barracuda – I rock this song on Guitar Hero, lemme tell you!  The pros come out to perform, still my favorite part.

Next we have the two middle couples on the leader board; Kyle and Rick.  Rick is safe, Kyle is in jeopardy.  I quit.  That means one of the good couples is going home.

The Stars of Dance performance is a bunch of high schoolers from School of Rock (apparently it’s not just a movie, who knew?!) and some other artsy high school.  They’re not bad, but really, if I wanted to watch this, I’d be watching Glee.  Kylie Minogue gets her shot next.  Her dancers look ridiculous…she doesn’t look much better.  She is doing the “I can’t sing and walk at the same time so I’m gonna kinda sing and kinda walk and call it a day” thing…not impressed. oohhh…i just noticed that Robert from So You Think You Can Dance is one of the dancers…I liked him.

Brandy and Audrina are the last to find out their fate.  I misspoke earlier when I said a good couple is going home, Audrina could go and I wouldn’t really miss her.  I still don’t think she’s amazing.  Brandy is safe, Audrina is in bottom 3.

Moment of truth: kyle and lacey are safe.  I’m gonna quit if Jennifer goes home…good thing for you all, I will be back cuz Jennifer is safe and Audrina is gonna go home.  I know people are going to be upset, saying she was one of the top dancers, but i’m not really upset.  I think Bristol should have gone home, but I don’t think that Audrina was amazing.  She had the body for it, but never seemed to connect to much of anything…


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