Dancing with the Stars Results show #1 30 Mar 2010

And so it begins….the first night of nail biting anticipation to see who goes home first.  It’s also our first chance to see what kinds of things they will fill the time with to make it last more than the 5 mn it would actually take to tell who got eliminated.  But, how much fun would that be?!

They get right to it and let us know right away the first couple safe is Buzz Aldren and Ashly.  First shock of the night.  The kind of shock that isn’t really a shock anymore as somehow, the ones that can’t dance seem to make it pretty far.  It proves once again, it tends to be more about star power, at least at the beginning, than dancing skills.  I love him, he’s terrible.

The first couple in the bottom two is Pamela Anderson and Damian.  Which is also a little surprising.  Turns out that sex doesn’t sell as much as she hoped.

They interview Len to kill time.  They also show interviews with the dancers.  He thought it was overall fantastic.  A couple surprisingly good dances and a couple disappointments.  He thought Aiden Turner‘s fox trot was an improvement, though if I’m right, I think he got the same total score.  He thought Jake Pavelka nailed all the steps.  He thought Shannen Doherty was strong but needed some finesse.  He was very surprised by Niecy NashChad Ochocinco was very disappointing for Len, he doesn’t see the potential anymore.  He again was pretty nice to Buzz Aldrin, saying that for an 80 yr old, it was pretty good.  He believes that Kate Gosselin just needs to shake off her nerves.  I think she just needs to go.  There must definitely be a lapse or something between my T.V. and what Len is seeing, because he praised Pamela Anderson’s character and thinks she could go far.  I still just see sex.  Erin Andrew‘s movement was fluid and Len said that if she could show him she could dance Len would be a happy chappy.  Yup.  He did not expect Evan Lysacek‘s jive to be any good, but boy was he surprised!  He believes Nicole Scherzinger has a lot of talent.  The decision is absolutely in the hands of the viewers.

No surprise, they picked Derik and Nicole to do their dance again for the viewers.  Time to get a snack while this is replayed.

Made especially for this first result show, our pros do a routine by Michael Jackson’s choreographer.  I do actually like these.  It’s fun watching the pros do their thing.  Especially when Maksim dances with his shirt unbuttoned…those are my favorite…I might watch that again!  I especially liked the men’s solo.

Here comes Adam Corolla to give some funny ideas on last night’s show.  He makes funn of the fact Buzz has 6 astronaut shirts, the fact that Chad looks upset all the time.  He makes sure to add in a blond comment about Pamela and Damian.  He made fun of Edyta elbowing her partner.  Lastly, he made fun of Bruno.

Another explanation of the voting process and a recap of the two couples who have already heard their fate.  The next couples to find out they are returning is Aiden Turner and Edyta and Niecy Nash and Louis.  Neither of these are much of a surprise.  Aiden wasn’t great, but not the worst.  Brooke then interviews Buzz and Pam, Buzz admits the judges had it right but he has a lot of people who like him.

Next is the Beach Boys featuring John Stamos.  They play all the favorites.  Love em, though they sound old.  Probably cuz they are.  but again, gotta love the pros! 

Now we learn, the Len commandments…Clever. 1.Thou shalt not kill time 2. Thou shalt not take the judges name in vain 3. Thou shalt not steal dance moves 4. Thou shalt not interrupt me 5. Thou shalt not do lifts 6. Thou shalt have rhinestones 7. Honor the judges with gifts.  Apparently they could only come up with 7.

The judges have issued a challenge to the dancers for next week.  They want each dance to show a story, from beginning to end.  No gimmicks or tricks.  Next couple safe are Evan Lysacek and Anna.  And break.

Next two couples safe: Jake Pavelka and Chelsea and Nicole Scherzinger and Derik.  Next is Macy’s stars of dance tribute to the victims of Haiti.  Now we get to see the personal life of Brooke and we get to see how hard her job is. 

We find out that Chad Ochocinco is safe.  It comes down to Kate Gosselin and Shannen Doherty for the final spot in the bottom two.  Kate screams when she finds out she’s safe – as does all of America.  So who will go…..it’s…….Shannen Doherty.  I’m quite surprised.  She is very gracious, says she did it for her dad and has done what she set out to do.  We also find out that Mark has hurt his knee and would be out for 6 weeks anyway, so it turns out to be a good thing.  Until next week.




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