Dancing with the Stars Results Show #2 6 April 2010

Let’s get right to it.  After a short recap and the question of whether or not there is going to be another SHOCKING elimination, they tell us the first two couple safe to dance another day.  Too late to vote now.  Aiden Turner and Edyta are the first couple safe, followed by Erin Andrews and Maks. No real surprises there.

Another recap, though this time from Len.  He loved it.  He thought Jake Pavelka‘s dance was ok, which does not get you into week 10.  He thinks Niecy Nash needs to up her game, we need to see a different Niecy, I thought she was pretty different yesterday.  Pamela Anderson was good.  He thought there was a slight improvement for Chad Ochocinco‘s dancing.  Aiden Turner has analysis paralysis.  Say that five times fast.  He’s still upset about Nicole Scherzinger‘s rule breaking.  He thought Kate Gosselin‘s paso was like a stroll in the park, though Kate is proud of herself regardless.  Buzz Aldrin told a great story, but did not dance much.  Erin Andrew‘s waltz was beautiful, though he thinks he over marked it now because there wasn’t enough waltz.  He thinks that Evan Lysacek came out full bore and is going to give Nicole a run for her money.

Evan and Anna get to do the encore performance tonight. No surprise there. 

Next, Reba McIntire performs.  I think she should be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, she moves pretty well.  As usual, I love the pros dancing along.  Her favorites are Erin, Evan and Nicole.  She’s got ’em pegged I think! 

Another recap of scores.  Sidebar: I think that Chad and Cheryl are doing it too.  The next couple safe is Niecy Nash and Louis.  I’m glad, I like her too.  And break.

Next up a dramatic acoustic paso doble with Chelsea and Derik, with Mark on guitar.  it was awesome.  I love the passion they put into the dance.  It’s amazing the character they get into.

They described the double score show down expectation for next week.  Each couple will get a technical score as well as performance score.  Also, each couple will get a specific move from the judges that they have to perform in their dance.  I think it’s a nice addition.  Back to the elimination.  Next couple saved is Nicole Scherzinger and Derik.  No doubt they will follow the rules next week in order to avoid another 6 from Len.

Another performance by Reba.  Dmitri and Lacey are back for this dance.  Love them!  They then go behind the scenes with Melissa Rycroft.  This show really could be done in less time without all the fluff.  But that did make me want to be there in person!  The next two couples safe are Evan Lysacek and Anna and Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl.  Again, no big surprises.  Chad just said he and Cheryl are going to have sex on the dancefloor next week – I was totally right.

More interviews with the couples on how much of a family they are and how hard it will be to see a family member leave this week.  So to help, we find out the next couple safe is Pamela Anderson and Damian.  Looks like we will have two couples having sex on the dance floor…

There are three couples left.  We are down to the last minutes, which means we finally find out who goes home.  The first couple in the bottom two is Buzz Aldrin and Ashly.  No surprise.  The other couple in the bottom two is Jake Pavelka and Chelsea.  That is not right.  Kate Gosselin is safe.  I want to punch her.  Len is surprised the viewers didn’t save Buzz and Ashly.  The couple to go is……..Buzz Aldrin and Ashly.  That is the right decision.  Next week, Kate needs to go.  Until then.


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