Dancing with the Stars – Results Show #2

I ended up having to bowl for my mom last night, so in return, I had her write the blog for me. She was pretty nervous, but I think she did well!

As I hunker down for the evening waiting for the fun to begin, I’m thankful that Brooke has kept “the girls” primarily home tonight, although I must say that I’m not digging the short dress (her knees are knobby) and pulled back hair. The first two contestants on the chopping block are Brandy and Kyle. There’s not much drama before Kyle is announced that he is safe but the boos begin in earnest as Brandy is told she is in jeopardy. Bruno and Len begin fighting about Michael Bolton and whether or not he really deserved to receive the three from Bruno. Len really criticized Bruno and said that Bruno needs to be much more encouraging and not just negative – that even Len begins by being positive before pointing out the flaws. I guess I’m going to have to listen much more closely to Len’s remarks because it seemed like the pot calling the kettle black.


The judges all agreed on the encore presentation – and if you can believe it – it’s Kyle and Lacy! Good thing they were declared “safe”.


Janel Monet performs – I’ve never heard of her – she reminds me of a female “spinner” – not her music, but her look.


Oh boy, here comes Brooke’s commentary – her interviewing skills need some work. The “Situation” continues to sound a bit more humble, and they discuss “Boo gate”, as Tom has referred it as……..who was the crowd really booing – Sarah Palin or Jennifer Gray’s scores? The consensus is Jennifer’s scores – although I think that is the politically correct answer.


Here come the next three on the “chopping block” – we have “The Situation”, Florence & Bristol the “pistol” as mom called her. I’m not sure that I would appreciate my mom giving me a handle like that – but perhaps not totally surprising her mind would go that direction given Sarah’s love of hunting. Woe is me – “The Situation” is still in jeopardy – is there no justice?


Audrina and Jennifer are the next two that are waiting to hear their fate. I will be shocked if either of them end up in the bottom two. Here goes….Audrina is safe (except for some leg hairs, as Tom said) and so is Jennifer! Yeah, rah, rah!


Which professional has the most unusual ritual before performing? Would it be Corky who smells the floor before dancing, Maks & Tony playing catch with a football or Karina putting hand sanitizer under her armpits (she did it once when she forgot deodorant – now she thinks it keeps her drier. Vote now! The “stars of dance” were amazing! Wish I could bend like that – maybe in another life.


It’s time to listen to “Seal”, the next vocal performer. Not sure I loved the song, but Lacey, Cheryl, Karina& Chelsie were beautiful.


The next four up for elimination are Michael, Rick, Kurt & Margaret. If I can make any kind of prediction, I would have to say Michael is a shoe in to be in the bottom group. The first couple safe is Kurt; the second is Margaret. The suspense continues as they go to commercial break.


Brooke is back and is interviewing Michael asking him about the difficult evening it was last night and what he thought about it. Although he’s loved his dancing experience & meeting everyone he did come out and say that he felt Bruno was inappropriate and disrespectful, which brought claps and a look of disbelief on Bruno’s face. Another controversy dealt with!


Rick is the next one safe. Now they’re including The Situation & Brandy with Michael. Off to commercial before announcing who the next one safe is.  The next one safe is Brandy – so it’s “The Situation” and Michael. Who’s leaving? It’s……………….Michael. Really, no surprise there, but it’s sad considering the 3 that he got from Bruno and the negative comments that he got. Brooke asked him “are you surprised” and he answered he was and was very disappointed. Chelsie says that Michael is such a genuine person and she’s very proud of him. Michael looks crushed………now I’m sad!

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