Dancing with the Stars Results Show #3 13 April 2010

Here we are again, ready to see if there are any dramatic upsets from last night’s Double Score Showdown.  I do have to say that I’m pretty let down by the showdown…no one got dramatically different technical and performance scores – leaving everyone right about where they would have been had they only gotten one score.  Oh well.

They get right to it.  The first couple safe is: Chad Ochocinco who awkwardly/excitedly goes over and hugs Jake and looks like he may kiss him.  The next couple safe is Jake Pavelka and Chelsea.  Jake looks very surprised.  Don’t worry Jake, you’ll go soon, there are just others worse than you.

Len’s weekly recap: Erin went strong and that put her under pressure.  Neither her nor Maks understand why there scores are so low.  Evan’s posture was much better.  He attacked Niecy’s rumba again.  Niecy wants to stay so she can show the skinny girls how to shake it.  Aiden’s rumba was wooden.  Nicole’s nerves got the better of her for the first time.  And she’s crying.  Jake sacrificed quality to go for attack and then there were lots of problems.  Kate had a mini breakthrough.  Kate says she actually had fun.  Chad felt comfortable with the rumba, and it showed.  And Chad wants to stay so he can win Cheryl’s heart and become a Burke.  Pam’s dance had quality and Len thinks she would be sexy mopping a floor.

The encore dance is Pam and Damien.  I really didn’t think it was amazing, but I spose they have to spread the love.

Coming up we have a dance for the best little dancers in America choreographed by Mark Ballas as well as a performance by Sade.  Tom also explains that next weeks show will be danced to iconic movie songs and shows how the stars are already getting into the feel.  There is a preview for a horrow show on the dance floor with a Jason-type character killing people with the mirror ball trophy – it’s called….Tuesday the 13th.  I have to admit, they are coming up with more creative time fillers…

Sade performs ‘Baby Father’.  The backup singers look like oversized oompa loompas if you ask me.  Damien and Chelsea dance to the song.  I love Chelsea and how she dances.  I’m still not sure about Damien.  He’s got a little smarm factor to him.  Another recap of the scores from last night before we find out the next safe couple.  It is Evan Lysacek and Anna. Next is the performance by the kids, the Macy’s Star of Dance performance, and clips of the pros when they were kids for a nice trip down memory lane.

We get to see pictures of the dancers in their younger days.  Damien sported a pony tail and one point – that just adds to the smarm factor.  It is pretty cute though to watch them dance as little kids.  Chelsea apparently hated dancing to begin with.  Maks was not a good singer or actor, so dancing was obviously the only other option for a career.  He was made to be in the spotlight 🙂   Apparently Derik and Julienne Hough and Mark Ballas were known as the Ballas Brat Pack – despite there being to Houghes…okay, apparently Damien wasn’t the only one with a pony tail, both Maks and Louis had them too…didn’t look any better on them.  Apparently Tony is just as chivalrous in real life as he once threw another dancer into the audience after he stepped on Tony’s partners foot three times.  Okay, apparently by kids, they mean teenagers.  Expect these ‘kids’ to be taking over the Dancing with the Stars ballroom in a couple years – they are great.  You can totally tell Mark choreographed with the mix of Michael Jackson and ballroom moves.

Next movie clip: ChaChaBlanca.  Story of an everlasting love.  Evan is torn between his old flame and his new love on the dancefloor. They mix in some famous quotes and it turns out is new dancefloor love is Niecy.

I almost didn’t realize that the show had started again as it starts with another movie clip.  Tony is dressed up as rambo and is running all through the set screaming.  Can you guess the movie name?  Glambo: First Dance.  Clever!  Next two safe couples are: Nicole Scherzinger and Derik and Pamela Anderson and Damien.  Brooke interviews the couples.  “Jake, what do you think the other couples [who still don’t know if they are safe] are feeling right now?”  Really?  You suck.

Next is the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance by the principal ballerina from the New York City Ballet accompanied by Tyler Peck and Nothin But Strings.  Pretty sweet performance, though the principal ballerina didn’t get a lot of actual dance time.

Another performace by Sade. This time she brings out her own dancers.  They are awesome.  More interviews by Brooke, more stupid questions.  I’m awfully negative today…Next couple safe: Erin Andrews and Maks.  How has Kate never been in the bottom two…Next movie clip….Double O-chocinco: Dance Another Day….Clever.

Recap of the final three…Next couple safe: Kate Gosselin and Tony. I think people just like her drama. Seriously…Aiden and Edyta need to go.  And they listened to me: Niecy Nash and Louis are safe, Aiden Turner and Edyta are leaving.

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