Dancing with the Stars – Results Show #3

My mom is back in full force tonight as the blogger extraordinaire. So, this is her recap of the events of last night.

Other than the obvious question of who’s not going to be around to dance another week, for me the looming questions as I begin blogging for tonight’s DWTS, the results, are:


1.                  Will the “girls” be coming out tonight to play?

2.                  Will “The Situation” wear a see-through shirt again?

3.                  Will Bruno and Michael “play nice”?

4.                  Who will be the judge’s encore dance choice?


I wait, along with you, with baited breath!  My first question has been answered, Brooke is wearing black.  The girls must be tired, as they’re contained quite nicely.   Question #2 & 4 are answered at the same time – seeing that “The situation and Karina” are the encore dance, along with that “boom, boom, pow” comes the see through shirt – although I think “The Situation” has a little more chest showing tonight – much to his delight!


Ok, the drama has begun….Audrina, Kurt & Kyle are starting the show off – and quickly enough it’s the crowd favorite Kyle who’s “in jeopardy” – although I can’t believe it will be him leaving.


The first fun has begun – a “string it on” moment of Mark Ballas against Maks’s brother, Val, going head to head – Mark playing the guitar & Val playing the violin as they compete in a showdown. Before they play, though R&B performer Neyo sings (this show is so enlightening – another performer that I’ve never heard of).  I’m beginning to think I am totally out of touch and may be too old to be watching this show.  Now I must say the girl in the gray dress has a pretty great gig – only having to walk around the floor, smiling, showing her booty off & walking off in a huff!  Reality check – the only thing that’s standing in my way to fame is no “girls” & bad “booty”, otherwise I’d be “in”.


Now we’ve got Danny Osmond on the road asking the hard questions of the fans in “sin city” – who’s the number one dancer!  It’s almost good as “jay walking”.  The best impersonation of “The Situation” – a guy lifting his shirt & showing his abs – he came up quite short!


Ok – here’s our next group heading to the chopping block – Rick, Brandy & Jennifer. Jennifer’s safe!  How funny – Rick is in jeopardy, but the way Cheryl celebrated, she thought they were safe…..egg on her face!  Brandy is safe.  In my humble, it just can’t be that Rick will be set home.  The world and I need to see the “shirtless wonder” one more time!


It’s time for Mark & Val – such tough talk, and no matter how much Mark tries to look “bad”, his baby face gives him away.  The men in black have taken the stage…..and all I can say is “wow”!  Wait, now they’re dancing….what a treat!!!!!  This has been the highlight of the whole show – and the applause they’re receiving supports my opinion.


Ok – now it’s time for Michael Bolton, and he’s singing “Hallelujah”.  I’m not sure I love his raspy voice for this piece – but I’m digging the boys’ choir – they sound like angels and are quite cute.  Amidst the smoke, (or is it supposed to be clouds?) Anna and Jonathon are dancing.  A very triumphant return to the ballroom, according to Tom – I don’t think Bruno could smile any bigger or look like such a fake doing so!  Question three has been officially answered.


Ok – now it’s time for the next four – Margaret, The Situation, Florence & Bristol.  As they break for a commercial, I’m on the edge of my comfy couch.   They’re back…….The next couple safe is “The Situation” and Karina – we put that in our time machine as Tom suggested.  The next couple in jeopardy is Bristol and Mark.  Definitely returning next week are Florence and Corky (the sentimental favorite to be sure).  That leaves Margaret and Louie – boos erupt as it is announced that they are in jeopardy.


So we’re back to the “final four” and I can’t help but wonder if they draw this out any more???????  I guess so seeing there’s 8 minutes left of the show.  The next couple “definitely safe” is………Kyle and Lacey, much to the delight of the audience.  I’m going to go out on a limb – hope it doesn’t break – but I think Bristol’s going home tonight.  The next couple safe is Rick and Cheryl – no surprise there.  So it’s Bristol and Mark, Margaret and Louie – will I be right???????  The drum roll please…..No, I’m not – which is why I’m not a judge.  Margaret was quite gracious in her parting comments – she thanked the judges for being hard on her because the message she got from that was she had potential and could be a dancer.  That will stay with her for the rest of her life.  I close tonight feeling all warm and fuzzy – I can’t wait until next week!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hey Abby, you should get your mum blogging under her own account and have a blog-off to see who gets the biggest hits!

    Mrs Simon, whereever you are, are you sure you don’t already have your own blog? Because you’re pretty good at this!

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