Dancing with the Stars Results Show #4

Well, I’m back.  I actually get to be home tonight, watching my first elimination show live!  I hope I live up to the standards my mom has set!

We start off seeing some of the controversial comments from last night and see how upset The Situation was at his ‘situation’.

As always, we get right down to it.  Audrina, Brandy, and Jennifer are the first to get their results.  We see clips from last night, get their feelings about it, and find out that all 3 are safe.  I think they get paid to act surprised, because no one else is surprised. 

We get audience reactions and then find out the encore performance is Jennifer.  Again, no surprise, but I’m excited to actually get to see it.  It definitely lives up to the hype, she looks great.  If she’s not in the final 3, and more likely the champion, THEN I will be surprised.

Goo Goo Dolls perform a medley of songs, which apparently means two.  I learned something new, I always thought a medley was 3+…oh well.  I love these parts of the show mostly for the professional dancers.  They are so much fun to watch.

Next up to find out their fate are Kyle and Bristol.  We see Len berating Mark last night for having his shirt ripped off, stating that no one sees Len doing that.  Jump to a clip from Dance Center where Len did just that.  Ahhh, love being able to prove people wrong with irrefutable evidence…reminds me of voting season….anyway.  We see clips of dancing from last night, everyone’s shock at Bristol’s 4, and Lacey telling Kyle to keep his hormones in check.  We find out Kyle and Lacey are safe, leaving Bristol and Mark in jeopardy.  Again, no surprises yet.

Next in jeopardy are the athletes.  We see clips yet again from last night, I mean how else would we take up the hour.  I think Kurt did really well, deserving more than the scores he got.  I don’t think that Rick did as well as his scores show.  That’s why I’m not a judge I suppose. Rick And Cheryl are safe, Kurt and Anna are in jeopardy.  Still waiting for a big shock.

We then go to Len’s school of how to get a 10.  He gives an example of dancers at each stage.  He has the celebs at his “school”, and of course, they are goofing around.  His school though goes against, in my eyes, the scores he gave last night…the dancers should have had much higher scores if he actually judged like he said he did…I might be on a soapbox tonight…

We watch Forever Tango.  They are pretty fun to watch, much better than the ballroom dance teams from last season…I really hope they don’t bring them back. Anyway.  They dance for awhile…some of the guys are creepy looking…I use this time to edit what I have so far and check on dinner…

Now we watch Florence and The Machine.  I’m not a huge fan of the song and she brings her own dancers, so I don’t pay much attention.  It’s not bad, I’m just not that into it.

We here from the last two to learn their fate, The Situation and Florence Henderson.  Florence defends her raunchy dance and The Situation still has nothing to say about his score from last night.  Seriously…I didn’t want to see the replay of Florence from last night.  How did she score what she did?  It was gross.  The Situation just used the word “unpositive”.  He seemed genuinely upset at how he was treated by the judges, and I actually feel sorry for him.  Which is surprising because after the last episode of Jersey Shore I wanted to punch him…  Florence and Corky are safe, The Situation and Karina are in jeopardy.  I really think that Florence is getting sentimental points and I don’t like it.  She is not that good…She should not have scored higher than some of the people she did…and I’m done.

Before we find out who is kicked off, we are forced to watch “A day in the life” segment of how the celebs spend their time.  I feel….enlightened?!  Apparently the celebs were wearing hidden little cameras…which was creepy.  The first one of the bottom 3 safe…will be announced after the commerical…really?  They brought us back from commercial to show us a day in the life and then go back to commercial…they are really streching this hour…and here we go.  I’m not really sure who will go or who I want to go.  Kurt and Anna are safe.  I’m glad.  Mark and Bristol are safe, The Situation and Karina are done.  I find myself a little sad.  I kind of enjoyed seeing a more genuine side of him.  He handles it very well.  Tom calls out the fact that he is different on the dance floor than on the show and Situation says that Jersey Shore shows only a part of him and that he put it all out on the floor.  I have to agreed he got screwed last night.

Stay tuned next week for TV theme night…should be awesome…I’ll attempt to stay off my soapbox…

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