Dancing with the Stars Results Show # 5

All the couples are put into pairs for tonight’s results.  The first two couples to find out their fate are Kyle and Lacey and Bristol and Mark, the two couples on the bottom of the leader board.  Well holy shit, they are both safe.  Even Bristol and Mark thought they’d be going home…are we in for our first big upset?

The next two couples to find out their fate were the two highest scoring couples, Brandy and Maks and Jennifer and Derek.  Brandy and Maks are safe while Jennifer and Derek are in jeopardy.  I’m thinking that there’s no way they are going home.  If they do, I’m done…well, not really, but I’ll be watching in protest.

Next we get to our athletes.  We find out that Kurt and Anna are safe, which I’m excited about because I just love Kurt, he’s so adorable!  Rick and Cheryl are in jeopardy.  I won’t be sad at all if they leave.

The final two couples are Florence and Corky and Audrina and Tony.  I still think it’s time for Florence to go, but I wouldn’t be upset if either of them left.  Audrina and Tony are safe, Florence and Corky are in jeopardy.

In between all of this, we watch ridiculous fake promos by the celebs and judges in order to waste time.  We also watch a couple performances by Jason Derulo and one by Shakira.  Jason Derulo is not great when he’s dancing around and attempting to sing, much better when he’s just standing.  Shakira is amazing…I want hips that move like that.

We also see a family who came to America from the Congo after their father was assassinated and in hopes of not being assassinated themselves.  They are super cute and love to dance.  They, along with the female pros, create a dance for their mom (it’s a family of 5 boys).  It was a cryfest…I loved it.

So here we are with the bottom three.  First couple safe is Jennifer and Derek, I’m glad I don’t have to watch in protest.  Next couple safe is Rick and Cheryl, meaning that this is the end for Florence and Corky.  It was a good ride, she showed you can still be sassy and sexy at 70, and it’s time for her to go.

Tune in next week for rock ‘n roll week and 2 dances per couple.  Yea!

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