Dancing with the Stars Results Show #7 4 May 2010

We’re getting right into the results.  Tom asks Erin Andrews and Maks and Nicole Scherzinger and Derik to step forward, revealing that one of the couples is in the bottom two.  Which to me means which ever couple also ends up in the bottom two is going home.  I can’t believe either of these two has been cut.  Erin and Maks end up in the bottom, so Nicole and Derik are safe.

Len gives his recap where he thinks each team did the best they’ve done.  He loved the team ChaChaCha.  Erin’s quickstep was fun, fast, and fabulous.  Chad has upped his game. He is still impressed with his gentility.  Nicole impressed him with the difficulty of her routine.  Pam was understated, but wonderful in her own way.  Niecy produced a knock-out quickstep.  Evan blew everyone out of the water, Len loves that he came back after being knocked down last week.  First 30 of the season.  He loved Team Gaga and their ChaCha: “Oh ah team gaga they can do the ChaChaCha”.  Team Madonna was not as tight in the team section.  He thinks this is the closest competition ever.  I don’t know though that this is the best dance.  The dance for today is Team Gaga with their ChaCha.  I’m a little sad that Evan didn’t get it with the first perfect 30.  We find out that Pamela Anderson hurt herself today so Chelsea takes her spot.  So that’s what the dance was supposed to look like!

Train performs “Hey, Soul Sister”.  Love this song!  Chelsea, Mark, Tony, The Russian guy that I can’t remember his name and two other women I didn’t recognize dance to it.  I love it.

Recap of the leaderboard and thoughts from the dancers. Tom has Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl and Evan Lysacek and Anna come forward. Evan and Anna are safe.  Chad and Cheryl will hear their fate a little later on.  Rude.  Cirque de Soleil is going to preform their tribute to Elvis next.

They talk with with the pros about what it’s going to take to get to the finals.  I learn nothing new.  But they’ve gotta stretch this into an hour somehow. They get to the next results.  Pamela Anderson and Damien and Niecy Nash and Louis are left.  The next couple safe is Niecy and Louis.  We find out that Pamela is still in jeopardy.  They’re trying to make it nerve-wracking by leaving the final bottom couple til later.

Melissa Rycroft continues to go behind the scenes. Prescilla Presley is there for the Cirque de Soleil performance about Elvis.  Of course, it’s awesome. Train comes back with Drops of Jupiter. Louis and Karina dance to this one.  They’re beautiful.

We go back to the three final celebs that are in jeopardy: Chad, Pamela, and Erin. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl are safe, meaning that Pamela and Damien are in the bottom two with Erin and Maks. The judges give their impressions; they are obviously all shocked that Erin is in the bottom two, and it turns out it’s her birthday.  Pamela Anderson is booted, Erin is safe.  Just as I thought earlier.  So, that means there is half the sex and half the boobs left on the show.  I still think that Erin, Evan, and Nicole are going to be the last three.  I’m hoping that Chad goes next week and Niecy the next.  Gotta tune in to find out.



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