Dancing with the Stars – Rick Fox shoots and misses

“Middle-Aged-Mama” is back blogging tonight! I’m glad that Abby trusts me to “tell the story” – I only hope that I can tell it as well as she does. What do you think I’m praying for most tonight? I’ll tell you – I’m praying Brooke has had an epiphany and discovered that sometimes you say the most when you say nothing at all (hey, that would make a good song title.)

Who do you think Len is choosing for the encore presentation? How fun that it’s Team Apollo – that was an awesome dance to be sure! Were any of you like me that didn’t realize until the dance was almost over last night that Kurt was impersonating Anton? Yes, “Middle Aged Mama” or “M-A-M” for short, is a bit slow! Watching Team Apollo definitely proves that Jennifer’s back and ready to rule the roost.

Oh my heavens – the elimination is already starting. (Oh, oh, Brooke – didn’t you tell the girls they were grounded and had to stay in tonight?) Brandi and Maks are SAFE! No surprise there! Bristol and Mark are in jeopardy. I’m thinking that’s making Bristol relieved – it seems as though she really wants to go home as she misses her son. As a mom, I can understand that and I feel for her.

Awards are being given out – award for “Most Dramatic Moment” – seriously, an ambulance for a pulled muscle? Oh my – Kate + 8 is one of the nominees. I find I still don’t miss her. And the award goes to (drum roll please) – Marie Osmond. I concur. Her fainting and falling to the floor actually was quite scary and dramatic.

Taylor Swift has taken the stage as the first special performer of the evening. I don’t think anyone is more excited to listen to her than my son! Rumor has it that she’s dating Jake Gyllenhal – I wonder if he’s “in the house?” I think that age difference is a little too much.

The next award is “Best Worst Dancer”. This is going to be a tough choice – Kenny Mayne, Master P, Kate Gosselin, Steve Wozniak, & Billy Rae Cyrus. They are all worthy – but the award goes to Kenny! It works for me. I can’t wait until next week “Dance Center” with Kenny & Jerry Rice. I LOVE Dance Center! No, Brooke hasn’t learned “less is more”.

Ok, it’s time for the next elimination – the next two couple’s up are Rick and Cheryl & Derek and Jennifer. I’m hoping they’re both safe. I really liked them both, but Jennifer & Derek are my favorite couple. Their dancing was amazing! Safe to dance next week – YAY, it’s Jennifer and Derek. Rick and Cheryl are in jeopardy. I’m surprised by that.

It’s another special award “Biggest Dancer Transformation”. And our first nomination is Derek Hough – he was such a baby when he started. Second nomination is Tony – he, too, had such a baby face. Third nominee is Maks – his pony tail was REALLY ugly. # 4 – Mark Balles – my, he has grown up VERY nicely! Louis Van Amstel is the last nominee – his pony tail was even uglier than Maks’s. The winner is – LOUIS! He cleaned up very nicely – three cheers for short hair!

Rod Stewart is our next performer and I’m not sure his voice fits the “crooner” songs. I’m not getting much of a “kick” out of his song. It’s a far cry from “Maggie May”.

“Best Judges Moments” are being aired. Carrie has been brought to tears more often than I remembered! Len has more analogies then a cat has lives. Bruno’s hands could be registered as lethal weapons.

Kyle & Lacey & Kurt and Anna are the next couples up for elimination. I hope both are safe. What is the difference between bent knees and flex knees? I really don’t know and I’m not sure I care. The next couple safe is………”The Bickerson’s” – Kurt and Anna! Kyle and Lacey are in jeopardy. Oh no, Brooke is opening her mouth again – that means trouble! Taylor is back singing. As I watch her, she reminds me of a gangly colt. She looks as though she hasn’t grown into her body. I should have that trouble. I grew into my body and then some many years ago. Just saying……..

Oh boy, now it’s the final three in the bottom – Kyle and Lacey, Rick and Cheryl & Bristol and Mark. The next couple safe is Bristol and Mark – WHAT A SHOCKER!!! I thought for sure Bristol was leaving – I wish, for her sake, it was. Kyle or Rick – who will it be? Here it comes……the couple leaving is……..Rick and Cheryl. leaving Kyle and Lacey safe to dance another day. I’m sad. I surprise myself at how attached I become to the dancers each season. These final weeks are tough because it means saying good bye to people that you really have grown to enjoy watching from week to week. What a pleasure to have the opportunity to get to know professional athletes as “real people”. Rick is quite the gentleman and I applaud him for putting himself out there and giving us the chance to know him as more than just a talented basketball player.

Until next time that Abby needs me to fill in – M-A-M signing off.

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