Dancing with the Stars Rock ‘n Roll, 2 dances night

Tonight we get to see two dances from each of the couples…which means maybe dancing will take up most of the time rather than stupid fake-commercials, or hearing random un-interesting facts. And it’s Rock ‘n Roll week…sweet! Apparently they have now nick-named the stage the “glitterdome”. Ooohhh…they even have fire…awesome!

ok…i lied…they are going to waste time by showing the top 10 routines ever…now that i won’t enjoy these, but still, come on. (I am going to say that my favorite ever was Drew Lachay and Cheryl’s freestyle and if it’s not on this list, i’m gonna be pissed) #10 is the freestyle by Mark and Shawn Johnson – who was the youngest winner of DWTS. still loved it. #9 Argetine Tango by Donnie Osmond and Kym. still thought there were better dances. #8 quickstep by Helio and Julianne…they went on to win. Loved this one too. #7 was Apollo Ohno and Julianne’s freestyle…he also went on to win…loved this one too. #6 Joanna Krupa and Derek’s futuristic paso doble…I wasn’t a huge fan of her, but I did like this one. #5 Mel B and Maks’ paso…I did just call it. #4 Nicole Scherzinger and Derek’s 50’s style paso…i absolutely loved this one. derek is an amazing choreographer. #3 samba by apollo and julianne. i liked it, but think there were better. #2 Gilles Marini and Cheryl’s argentine tango. He does sultry so well…yum. #1 Drew and Cheryl’s freestyle…I freaking win! Save a horse ride a cowboy baby. Still just love this one! It was my first season of watching the show and it got me hooked. Oh Brooke…first thing out of her mouth was “why wasn’t I in there”…. so…finally, we are to the dancing…i think that it’s Bristol’s week to go home. As my sister said, she doesn’t even move during the opening segments…

Audrina starts us off with a paso…she spends her week trying to become aggressive…she says she found it…it didn’t look like it at all…nope…she hasn’t found it…she needs to talk to mel b. She has the facial expression down, but does not look aggressive enough with her steps. She’s getting on Lens nerves because she’s still not finding the character. CarrieAnn of course finds the good and makes sure it’s not just criticism. 8,8,8.

Kyle practiced with his brother this week so he could get more practice…they have the tango and need to pick it up after last week. ahh pyrotechnics…how you make everything better. Um, I think it’s pretty good. I don’t know if he got the edginess down, but steps were good. Bruno is yelling something, no idea what though, must be good. 8,7,8. They’re happy with it.

Jennifer is up next with the paso doble…this could be amazing, she definitely has the passion. She has the perfect skirt for this dance…it is amazing. I don’t want the dance to end, I love it! Oops, I think Derek may have slipped a little at the end. CarrieAnn thinks it was disjointed and not great..I missed that. Len thought she lost some of her control. I disagree with them. And now brooke play back the mistake and ask what happened…really? 6,7,7. gross.

Rick is looking for redemption in his tango. he’s trying to get these down to the littlest mililiter…does he realize that measures liquid? He looks scary as hell. I still can’t stand the height difference, it’s so awkward to me. Overall I think that he did pretty well. The judges loved it. 8,8,8. these scores are getting lower every week.

Bristol is up next…she really can’t do worse than last week. She suggests to do headbanging and air guitar during their tango…she starts off looking confused. I think that’s just her passionate face. easily mistaken. She is doing surprisingly well. still think it’s her time to go, but definite improvement. Nothing but praise from the judges. oh len, he is going to dock a point for breaking hold to do the air guitar…8,7,8. better than jennifer…crazy.

next week should be sweet as it’s their 200th episode celebration. old stars coming back as judges and to dance…should be a fun time. and apparently, it’s not two full dances, which is why we wasted time with the top ten at the beginning. The other dance is a marathon. He who stays in the longest gets the most points.

Kurt is up, looking to keep up the good scores. I still love him. He is doing the paso. Anna brings Bret Michaels to help him find his rock ‘n roll. Hilarious. He is much better at the slower dances, but is doing pretty well. He’s got the character down, but you can tell he’s uncomfortable. Not a solid enough frame. Judges didn’t like it at all. oh brooke, you’re so uncomfortable to watch. 6,6,6. wow.

Brandy’s tango brings up the rear. We see more drama between her and Maks. Maks wants her to trust in them as a couple…I would give him all my trust! Sorry, I got sidetracked by Maks’ tight pants. She looks good. Mom doesn’t like the outfits, think it looks like captain kirk. She certainly has the attitude. I think she’ll be at the top. yup, the judges loved it. 8,9,9.

Lifts are allowed in the rock marathon!! awesome! i’m hoping to see some hockey hits. They could end up dancing for 4 minutes straight, so that might be the hardest part. Apparently when there are 4 couple left are when the dancers can break. and we’re off. kurt and anna are the first gone, that makes me sad-4 points. bristol and mark are gone next -5 points. Rick and Cheryl are next – 6 points. now the moves in couples. Kyle and Lacey are done – 7 points. Audrina and Tony are out – 8 points (shoulda left awhile ago). Jennifer and Derik are done, giving them 9 points and Brandy and Maks get the full 10 points. Don’t agree with that either. But, there ya go. I don’t get paid the big bucks. Tune in tomorrow to see what this all means.

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