Dancing with the Stars Semifinal – Bristol must go!

We are down to the final four – and for some ridiculous reason, Bristol Palin is still there.  To me, there was no question from the beginning that Kyle, Jennifer, and Brandy would be here, but never did I think that Bristol would make it through week 2 or so.  I just realized that Kule is the only dude left…atta kid.  We have two rounds, one is the latin round where the celebs have to do a solo.  The second round is the slower round where they have to do a dance they haven’t done yet.

We start with Brandy and Maks and we relive the awkward moment from last week between Maks and CarrieAnn.   The start was pretty clever and seemed to follow her growth on the show as she was unsure at the begining and then came out strong.  It was a Paso Doble, and I didn’t like the fact that she did not wear a skirt.  The judges loved it and there was no argument from maks this time.  As long as you tell him he did good, he’s ok…kinda like a puppy.  Apparently they dedicated this dance to all the people who have been bullied.  3-9’s.  Not a bad start.

Jennifer and Derek are up next with a ChaChaCha.  They have to live up to last week’s perfect score.  She starts with her solo, where she shimmies all over the judges – Len and Bruno have never been happier!  She looks hot and confident.  Lots of change between fast and slow…she’s totally in control and having her way with derek.  Bruno is standing and jumping around – apparently no one has shimmied on him in awhile.  Judges loved it – 3 10’s.  Wonder how Maks is feeling now? Brooke wants to know how it feels to get a perfect, Derek says he hates it…seriously someone needs to write for Brooke.

Bristol and Mark are up…they’ve been on the bottom 6 out of 8 weeks…yup…that’s perfect.  Mark is trying to make her feel like it’s not because of her mom that she’s still here…and then she insults all the other celebs on the show by saying she’s not fake and that’s why people can relate to her.  Surprise – she’s not confident with her dance.  They have the Paso, which means she has to fake being in control.  Mom thinks she looks like Elvira.  Her skirt looks like a cape when she lifts it up, kinda like Batman. She’s definitely moving better than when she started, but no where near the other 3 couples. CarrieAnn thought she nailed it…I was watching a different dance apparently…Len said she had fired a few blanks throughout the show and she said thank you…huh?  I think she looks high a lot. Ahhh…the judges can’t say anything mean, Mama Bear is there.  3 9’s.  NOT OK!!!  Brandy must feel like crap getting the same score as Bristol.

Sidenote: Brooke is wearing a lampshade. 

Kyle and Lacey have the Samba this week.  He is taking this quite seriously.  He is the last manchild standing as Lacey put it.  His solo is pretty hot.  His footwork is looking pretty sharp.  I’m not sure about the mustard shirt though.  He puts a smile on my face.  So much energy and enthusiasm.  It’s hard to know there where to put them with Brandy and Bristol getting the same scores…I think they get at least one 10.  Len thinks he has a bionic bum. I think Bruno just hit on him.  They have not stopped talking about his ass…Brooke “how does it feel to be on the top of the leaderboard?”  someone help the lady.  10,9,10.  Love it!

Somehow Mama Bear made it into the montage of the celebs talking about their struggles…

With the second dance we get histories of the celebs.

Brandy is back with an Argentine Tango and her background.  We hear about her music, her failures, her confidence, and her involvement in the fatal car accident which led to depression.  Maks apparently didn’t heed CarrieAnn’s controvercial advice from last week of not waiting to start the dance; they kinda just walk around for the first part.  There are some pretty cool lifts.  She looks determined.  Looks pretty clean to me.  Bruno is  is flailing everywhere…he’s going to fall off the stage sometime soon.  CarrieAnn didn’t mind the slow beginning.  Brooke, “how hard are you going to fight for the mirrorball trophy if you make it through?” Brandy, “as hard as I can.” awkward silence………..Brandy, “Did you want me to say more?”  Thanks Brooke. 3 10’s.  Maks is happy, he’s much cuter than way.

We learn about Jennifer next. Apparently her father was on broadway, she was a natural born actress, was involved in major car accident with matthew broderick which made her neck vulnerable, she got her neck stabalized in order to do dancing with the stars. She dances a waltz.  She has the perfect amount of flowey fabric in her skirt to make it look like a dream.  I love Derek’s choreography…he just knows how to make his partner’s shine.  She looks amazing.  Another perfect?!  I think so after haring the judges.  PERFECT SCORE FOR THE NIGHT!! 

Bristol the Pistol gets to tell her story next.  She was the golden child until she started dating Levi, then she got preggers and got to share that with the world and then decided to share the story of abstinence with the world.  She has the waltz.  She reminds me of little red riding hood, but in black, because of her dress.  Her facial expressions KILL ME.  She looks so bored, like she can’t be bothered. Her dancing itself is pretty good. CarrieAnn commented on her expression also, finally I get something right.  We find out that Len is blind as he says CarrieAnn is wrong.  Bruno talks about her journey.  I feel some 8’s coming.  8,9,9.  WHAT?!?!  seriously…what the hell are they judging on?!?!  You can’t judge on the journey, you have to judge on the technique…she is no where near the other dancers!  I actually like watching her dance now, but she is now where some of the others were in week 3.

We learn about Kyle next.  He learn about his journey to Hollywood, starting at age 8, getting the role on That’s So raven, and then the other show.  I couldn’t really hear cuz mom and dad were talking.  They have the Argentine Tango, I’m so pumped. He has gotten so sharp with his feet. He does some pretty decent lifts, but he doesn’t do as many kicks as most of the pros do for this dance.  He just has the energy.  CarrieAnn is reminded of Emmitt Smith when she sees Kyle…is she calling him as the winner.  10,9,10.  Not too shabby.

So, for the 7th week out of 9, Bristol is on the bottom.  Will this be the week that justice prevails?!  Tune in tomorrow to find out…

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