Dancing with the Stars – Semifinals 17 May 2010

Here we are, finally, the semifinals!  One more week until the new winner of the mirror ball trophy is crowned. Exciting!!  This week each couple has 2 dances, again a Latin and a Ballroom round.  This week in the Latin round, each of the celebs needs to do a solo.
Dancing the Viennese Waltz, Erin Andrews starts us off.  It seems to flow well.  I’m not sure how I feel about her bell bottom type flowy pants.  Too much walking at the beginning and the end.  We can read her lips saying she was so nervous at the end, couldn’t really tell.  Len thinks Erin made a giant step through the door to the finals.  Bruno thought it was a symphony in blue (she is wearing blue).  CarrieAnn  says there’s something she adores watching her.  9,9,9.  Slight malfunction..Bruno held up the 10 paddle mistakenly and turned a jumping Maks into a crying heap…Erin calls Maks babe…a term of endearment for a friend or sign of something more…hmmmm
Nicole Scherzinger is looking to reach double perfection this week as she hit her first 30 of the season.  Apparently Derik hurt himself or something and his having some nagging neck pain.  But he will push through.  They Tango and have an awesome little leg carry thing at the beginning that’s fun.  She looks very clean and sharp.  Because it’s the Argentine Tango, lifts are allowed, and they take full advantage of it.  Though, I’m not sure there were enough steps in it, it was a lot of lifting and kicking.  I’m not complaining though, it looked sweet.  Bruno says Nicole was a divine enchantress…and then says something with a lot of alliteration.  CarrieAnn was brought to tears.  Len says he’s on medication due to the two around him.  Len says it was more delicious than his grandmother’s apple pie, which we have to take his word for. Brooke says something that annoys me…10,10,10.  Great follow up.
Chad Ochocinco is next…I’m thinking it’s his week to go.  I don’t care how well he dances, he needs to go.  His extensions aren’t quite full and he’s a little stiff.  He looks good, but not good enough to make the finals.  CarrieAnn thinks he nailed the waltz and asked where he came from…smarmville i’d say.  Len doesn’t know where to start and praises the effort he’s put in.  Bruno has respect for it.  I guess yet again my dislike is masking the dance. 9,9,9.  I disagree…but my vote doesn’t count…
Evan Lysacek and Anna fox trot. This week they are working on making Evan less robotic…more personality.  He starts with an adorable solo, very fun.  I’m worried they will find his happiness cheesy.  As far as the dance goes, it looks good.  I like it.  They look good together and he doesn’t look robotic to me.  Len loved the fun side and thought it was great overall.  Bruno thinks Evan is high as a kite. though I’m pretty sure Bruno is the one high as a kite.  CarrieAnn felt the connection tonight and thanks them for listening to her feedback. 10, 9, 10.  very worth it.
Erin and Maks start off the Latin round.  We get some background on Erin.  We learn about her insecurities and her tendency toward perfection.  We learn more about her stalker too.  They have the Paso Doble.  Her solo is sexy, but I felt it wasn’t very paso dobleish in nature.  There’s something to me that looks more like they are dancing in a club than doing the paso…I don’t know.  I liked it.  Bruno says she’s a hot chick with an attitude.  Bruno just got bleeped…oohhh…CarrieAnn says that’s what it feels like to be in your power.  Apparently I’m way too picky.  Len is a traditionalist and thought this was a funky monkey dance, he didn’t feel the solo was a paso doble dancer…apparently my issue is that I’m channeling Len!  10,9,10.  Total 56/60.  Maks is undressing for calls…he’s got me.
Nicole and Derik are up next.  We learn about Nicole’s background now in Hawaii.  We meet her family.  She says she felt like the ugly duckling after she moved and her mom remarried. We even hear from P Diddy!  Now they dance the ChaChaCha.  She starts with her solo too.  I think her solo was also just sexy and not really ChaChaesque.  Once they get into the holds and the dance, it looks great. CarrieAnn is now not making sense, but seemed to like it.  Len again thought the solo showed off her dance talent and not the ChaCha, but he thinks she needs to be in the final.  Bruno called her sexilicious.  I think they will get all 10s again. 10,9,10.  My mom called it right…damn!  59/60.  Not too shabby.
Chad and Cheryl are up and we learn about Chad’s messed up childhood.  He find out Chad’s dad was locked up and mom left him with his gramma.  At least he admits he was a knucklehead.  We also get to meet his kids.  We hear from TO too (Terrel Owens for you non-American-Football people).  I hope the opening walk was not his solo…He looks pretty good.  He takes his shirt of for his solo, obviously a ploy to distract from the solo.  He did some shaking move that I have no idea how to describe.  I thought that dance itself was good.  I still think he should go home.  Len gives him a 10 on his torso…as for the dance, he thinks Chad did a good job with a tough dance.  Bruno is torn between admiration and envy.  CarrieAnn thinks he’s phenominal and has a lot of charisma.  8,8,9.  Ouch. 52/60.
Last up, Evan and Anna.  We learned Evan started dancing because of his gramma.  His mom says he was an unusual child – I can see that.  Evan says if there was one thing he could change about himself it’s the fact that he’s so shy.  Scott Hamilton comes on behalf of Evan…love him!  Let’s see how his Paso stacks up.  Wow…he’s really into character.  His solo is by far the best in line with the spirit of the dance.  This dance is intense and amazing!!!  He totally let go and it paid off.  I’m calling all 10’s.  Best dance of the season to me.  Bruno thought it was strong.  CarrieAnn thought his movements were powerfull and then she started flailing.  Len says the paso is the man’s dance and talks about how hard it is for celebs to dominate the professions but thinks that Evan did it.  They definitely saved the best for last.  10,10,10.  59/60.  Well deserved.  Brooke asks how that feels…SHUTUP!!

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