Dancing with the Stars, Semifinals Result 18 May 2010

After a brief introduction of what will occur this evening, we find out right away who the first finalists are.  Evan Lysacek and Anna.  Everyone is super excited, but I don’t think anyone is super surprised.  The only way I think anyone will be surprised at all during the show is if it’s not Chad that leaves tonight.

Len’s recap of last night:  Every couple was right on their game and in it to win it.  Erin’s Waltz was beautiful, but if she wants to win she has to kiss the nerves goodbye. Nicole’s Tango had technique that was awesome and a dance that tickled his tastebuds.  Chad’s waltz was a revelation he thinks any other season he’d be a shoe-in for the finals…disagree, I think they all underestimate how good past years have been.  Evan had a wonderful fox trot.  Erin had a Paso full of intensity.  Nicole’s ChaChaCha proves she can dance and there’s something wrong with the world if she doesn’t get into the finals.  Chad’s Samba was good, but not good enough.  Evan’s Paso Doble was genius.  The encore is: Evan and Anna’s Paso…I called that last night.  Just as awesome watching it tonight. I have chills 🙂

Tonight we get to hear about the Pros lives.  Maks was born in Ukraine and moved to Brooklyn and he wants to succeed for the sake of achieving it.

Sarah Mclachlan sings next.  Anna and Jonathon dance to it, which is really cute since they are married.  It’s very well done.  Then Damien, Dmitri, Lacey and Kim come out to dance to her second song.  Apparently Cheryl was very shy and quiet growing up, that sure changed.  Her dad is super cute.  Melissa Rycroft and Joey Fatone are dancing the tango in the create a dance portion. Joey’s lost a little of his technique, but it’s good.

We then continue with the college dance off final.  Rutgers is first. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been in college, but I feel old because these guys look really young to me.  Their dancing is fine, nothing to write home about.  They receive 7’s from the judges.

Now we get to watch Utah Vally University where dancing is widely accepted.  These guys are definitely in a higher class than Rutgers and will go on.  I do hope that they don’t bring this back next year. They get two 10’s and a 9.  Next we learn about Anna’s life in Russia.  She used dancing as an escape.  We also learn about her relationship with Jonathon.  Love them.

Miley Cyrus sings ‘Can’t be tamed’ from a cage.  She really is not the sweet and innocent girl anymore.  She’s wearing an outfit borrowed from Adam Lambert who I think plucked a bird to get the feathers. Actually, the whole song and performance looks like Adam Lambert.

Next pro to learn about is Derik.  He was forced to start dancing because of his sister, and ended up living with Mark Ballas in order to become the best.  We find out to get Derik to follow rules, you’d have to take his hair gel away, not so much surprising.  Next couple in the finals: Nicole Scherzinger and Derik.

We find out the final couple in the finals next week.  II’m still trying to figure out why everyone thinks that in any other year Chad would definitely be in the finals…neither he nor Erin would be in the finals in my opinion.  Other years have had much more talent.  Erin Andrews and Maks are in the finals, making Chad Ochocinco the 100th contestant to be booted off the show.  At least he gets some distinction that no one else has.  I’m looking forward to a big Finals party next week.

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