Dancing with the Stars – Story Night

Tonight is story night, one of my favorite nights.  Couples have to tell a story with their dance.  I’m hoping though that there is no repeat of the Paparazzi fiasco from last season…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky!

Brooke’s boobies are out in full force, though my mom is glad her knobby knees are covered.  As they enter, there are a lot of….interesting costumes.  Margaret looks like a chiquita banana, jennifer grey is a naughty school teacher and florence henderson looks like she’s about to start yodeling…this could be good.

We start off with the pros dancing all the dances, I love this part.  They look so cool.

Jennifer Grey starts it off with the Samba.  She has a lot to live up to as she’s been in 1st place both weeks.  She is a naughty school teacher – their story is a school teacher and Derek is a schoolboy who falls in love.  It was so cute – I loved it.  She was a good naughty school teacher.  She is doing well with the steps. All the judges liked it, but apparently the feet weren’t as good as I thought.  3-8’s.

Florence Henderson has the waltz, and is dancing to Edelweiss from Sounds of Music, hence the outfit.  It’s all making sense now.  She tells the Von Trapp story, and it means a lot cuz her husband passed away and she was in the play on Broadway.  The slow songs obviously work better for her, but she is still lacking footwork.  Ok, weird, she just made out with Corky…alrighty then.  Mostly good feedback from the judges, but CarrieAnn is worried if Florence makes it because of her lack of moves.  7,6,7. 

Kurt Warner has a fox trot where he has to find his delicate side.  He gets to find it with his daughters and a tea party, so darn cute!!  Their story is about a girl having a bad day and using dance to cheer her up, it works.  He is so darn cute!  He seems to become more comfortable throughout the dance and just looks like he’s having so much fun.  He is so darn cute!  He also shows that even manly men wear pink, no more comments for my dad then!  Mostly positive comments, but Bruno got crabby. 8,8,7.  According to Brooke, the best scores of the night…see if your math is different than hers…

Margart Cho has the Samba and is a gay pride flag.  She’s gonna try to control her face this week.  She’s having fun, though some of it looks a little painful, like the shimmy part.  Oops, she screwed up her steps a little, but it was decent.  I don’t think it was as good as last week. Judges didn’t like it too much…mostly negative feedback.  She is hilarious, she said she was excited to be the gayest thing to happen to the show…ha! 6,6,6.  ouch.

Audrina Patridge has to waltz well to keep up with her scores from last week.  She is working on showing the dance on her face.  Her story is that Tony is a soldier and she is dreaming about him.  She seems to be connecting to the story and her face is showing it.  It’s beautiful.  She’s definitely showing her potential, she might give Jennifer a run for her money.  Wow, definitely got chills.  Very positive feedback. 8,9,9.  New high score of the season.  Oh, and we get to see Tony waxing his legs…nice!

Bristol Palin is up with a fox trot, she has to keep up with the progress she made last week.  Mark is going to be a homeless guy trying to get Bristol’s attention.  She has to act the dance, not only for story night but because that was the feedback she got last week. I think they lose the story part way through the dance and the steps are a little slow, but she’s doing them, and she’s doing them well. I think she’s still progressing, she just needs more confidence.  Judges feel there is still no connection to the story, but her moves are there. 6,6,7.  Wow, that’s lower than I thought. 

Brandy is up next with a Samba and she gave Maks a present of silence – she duct taped her mouth after they made it look last week like all they do is fight. They are telling the story of The Bodyguard.  I was pouring wine, so I relied on my sister and mom for a synopsis…neither are very impressed with the story.  They thought the dancing was good.  Len gives Maks a talking to about his training style – it actually feels really awkward to listen to.  CarrieAnn said something about it too, Honestly,I don’t know what the big deal is, I wouldn’t mind him slapping my butt to help teach me… Anyway, they liked the dance. 8,8,8.  Now I got reprimanded for my comment from my mom…seriously.

Kyle Massey is up next with a waltz…this could be hard too cuz he relies on his humor.  Apparently they didn’t know who the Eagles are, or the song Take it to the Limit…I feel old.  They picked a new song, Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop, and that’s the story they will tell.  Apparently at the coffee shops they go to, argyle and genie pants are in.  He actually does a really good job with this dance, does not over act it, and dances it well.  I really am liking him and am hoping he makes it far.  They are unimpressed with his footwork, but impressed with everything else. Ok…Tom just awkwardly held Lacey’s leg so she was standing in a weird spread eagle stance…awkward…8,7,8. 

The Situation – he thinks he has to have musicality since he fist pumps…riiiight.  They are fox trotting to boom boom pow…interesting.  There’s something about space ships and robots or something..this will be interesting…mom thinks he’s becoming more human and less of an ass…could be.  I think Len is going to hate it.  He doesn’t like twists on the original.  Ummm…yea…I’m not sure.  I really think he got screwed with the song and am not sure why they couldn’t get a redo…CarrieAnn thinks he is making baby steps, Len did not prove me wrong – but did try to put compliments in there,  Bruno thought it was entertaining. 7,6,7.  I am starting to like him more, he’s showing a different side than on Jersey Shore, maybe that show is fake…what?!

Neyo and Michael Bolton sing tomorrow, awww…they do love him!

Rick Fox is last up with a Samba and their story is that Rick loses the game for the team and goes to drown his sorrows. I still don’t like their size difference…Of course Cheryl wants to play the dirty girl from the bar. He looks a little awkward, I’m not sure I got the sexy from this dance.  But I did like the solo shimmy – probably the best part of the dance.  He acted the part well though.  I guess I’m too judgy, cuz the judges had many more positives than I thought. 8,8,8.  I didn’t think it was good enough to be up there with the others that got those scores.

Well, we’re done.  Don’t forget to vote, I think we’re down to 10 votes.  I’m not sure who is gonna go this week…I still think Florence should go.  I have no heart, I know. We shall see.  Next week is going to be acoustic week…hmmm…that’s new…

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