Dancing with the Stars Swing Marathon 26 April 2010

So…I had a whole review typed out last week, and I couldn’t get my internet to work. So, I tried to save it to my ipod, and that didn’t work either. Then I gave up. So, here we go again, I’m gonna try it again this week. Recap of last week…movie night was not very spectacular. Nothing surprising happened, Kate and Tony again were at the very bottom, Evan and Anna and Nicole and Derik were at the top and everyone else fell in the middle. In the end, it was finally time to send Kate home. It’s about time, though there goes all the drama and pity parties. So, here we are.

Tonight the couples with do either an Argentine Tango or Samba. They will also be competing in a Swing dance marathon, with lifts allowed – look out! That sounds like possible trouble to me. They will receive scores for how far they make it in the marathon which will be added to their solo dance scores.

We start off with Jake Pavelka and Chelsea. He had his best dance last week, can he keep it up? He has a samba this week. Whatever he is doing with his mouth is not working. To me, he looks way off, and he proved me right by tripping over his own feet. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of content to it, and did I mention his facial expressions are awkward? Len thinks Jake seems to feel more comfortable, but he lacked rhythm. Bruno thought it lacked bouncing also. CarrieAnn thinks he pushes himself to his max, which causes him to stumble. She thinks though that he could be at the top if he could connect to the music. “Do you think you have enough to go all the way?” Like he’s gonna say no?? Another gem from Brooke. 7,7,7. Eh, not bad.

Evan Lysacek and Anna are up next with a Samba – he is looking to regain the top spot. He has a lot of work to do on his hip action. He took a fall during practice and received a slight concusion, nothing to worry about. He worked hard on his hip action, though still a little off at times. I love his lines – he is so tall and lanky that all his arm lines look amazing. Bruno is going to be hard on Evan, and he rips into his lyrical lines. CarrieAnn thinks he lost to the dance. Len doesn’t want to be nasty, though he says it was his worst dance. What they say makes sense. He looked lyrical, which is nice, but not samba-esque. “How does it feel to get the harsh comments?” Thank you Brooke. 7,7,7. Lowest score so far. I don’t know it deserved 7’s.

Niecy Nash and Louis are looking to make up for their lack of technique from last week. Uh oh, Niecy and Louis are going to try a comedic Argentine Tango, which I’m not sure will go over well. I really like her. I don’t know much about technique, but I think it looks good. The kicks could be a little stronger, but it looks good. And I think the comedy works for the most part. CarrieAnn is hesitant…but it’s just a lead up to good stuff. She thought she was firm and strong. Len actually liked the comedy – I am shocked. Bruno could tell she put a lot of work into the footwork. I feel some good scores coming. 7,7,7. Really? That does not match I don’t think…

Erin Andrews and Maks take on the Samba. Can they score something other than a 7?! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Maks? She is wearing a bird as a skirt, which is weird. She’s got AMAZING legs, the hip action is a little off. OH, and there goes Maks’ shirt – they win, game over. Len says he’s not changing the 7 score. Len is upset with Maks for not doing proper dancing. Bruno is standing up and thought it was exciting. CarrieAnn thinks she nailed it, Len looks confused. “you’ve had solid performances and have yet to break out of the pack, what’s it gonna take?” If they knew, wouldn’t they do it?? 9,7,9. Apparently they’ve figured it out with 2 judges…

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl are up next…Chad thinks the judges are overly harsh – I think they’re right. So they went to Cincinnati so he could hear from his football cronies how good he his. Cheryl’s telling him to man handle her…great. He needs to go next. I can’t handle his smarm. Damn, he actually looks good tonight. I don’t feel there was a lot of footwork, but what was there was good. Bruno says it’s the revenge of Ochocinco and says he proved he could actually dance tonight. CarrieAnn reminds Chad that they were hard on him because he wasn’t dancing well. Thank you. She says he danced well, it was nice and arrogant, which is right up his alley. Len thinks Chad grew tonight…does that mean higher than a 7? 8,8,8. Finally, away from the 7’s!

Nicole Scherzinger and Derik are up next with a samba. I’m not sure what happened in practice as I got a phone call from work, don’t they know that they should wait to need me until after the show is over?? Nicole looks amazing. I think that it’s great. CarrieAnn says OPAH! Len thought the end got a little slippery and is upset about the lack of Samba moves. Bruno thinks that she’s one singular sensation.9,7,10. Back to the 7’s.

Pamela Anderson has gone brunette for her argentine tango. It looks pretty good to me, all about sex again though. Her facial expressions are out of control. Lotsa lifts and stuff – looks pretty good. Len liked the smoldering intensity. Bruno has all good stuff to say. CarrieAnn loves the commitment to the character. Lower body wasn’t as convincing as the upper body. 7,7,8. Still with the 7’s.

So, there’s a little variation with the scores tonight. Nicole is still on top, but next is Erin, and then the biggest surprise to me is that Chad is next. But there is still the Swing Marathon to come. With only 10 mn left in the show, it doesn’t seem like it will be all that long. The last person to get eliminated will get 10 points, second to last one gets 9 points, and so on. As I said before, lifts are allowed, so this could get crazy! And now there are only 6 minutes or so left after the clips of them all talking smack…

Chad looks ridiculous…Erin looks great…Apparently Jake cnd Chelsea are gone 1st – I didn’t see them. I love Niecy…Chad is still ridiculous. Niecy is gone now…Evan did a sweet lift, but it didn’t do enough as they are out.I’m still now sure how Chad is still there, or Pam. I love Erin and Nicole…finally Chad and Cheryl are gone…Pamela doesn’t even look like she’s doing anything…and now she’s gone too. So it’s Erin and Maks and Nicole and Derik….Erin and Maks go next, meaning Nicole and Derik are the last standing…keeping them at the top. That was no marathon…though I’m sure I’d be tired if I were there…but that’s not saying much since walking a couple flights of stairs gets me winded! You get 7 votes tonight…so get on it!

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