Dancing with the Stars TV Theme Night

Well, here we are again for another first, TV theme song night.  I’m actually kinda pumped because I love TV and I love theme songs…should be good.  I’m gonna put my bet down now that Florence dances to the Brady Bunch.

We start off with the judges talking about each of the contestants, what their strengths are and what their weaknesses are.  They still want to take up the two hours, but haven’t gone to two dances yet, so this is how they are filling the time.  30 mn later, we get to the dances.

Brandy and Maks start us off dancing to the Friends theme, which they think fits their relationship quite well.  It’s cute…starts and ends a little weird with her eating a lollipop, but whatever.  It seems to work for the judges as she gets tons of praise and 3 9’s.

Kurt and Anna quickstepped to the Bewitched theme song.  It was pretty cute as Anna did the nose thing to turn Kurt into a dancer, which seemed to work because he did well.  I am still consistently impressed with him, I never expect the character work from him, but he does it well.  The judges agree, giving lots of praise and 3 8’s.

Florence and Corky earned me my money as they danced to the Brady Bunch theme song.  I thought it got a little weird at some points, where they seemed to momentarily go into convulsions, and then start dancing again.  I still just don’t think she should be there, she’s not as good as the others, but is good for her age.  Bruno agreed with me about the convulsions, but overall the feedback was positive.  3 7’s.

Audrina and Tony danced to The Hills theme song, which I didn’t know they even had one.  Turns out it’s the song ‘Unwritten’.  It’s a rhumba, which is supposed to be like sex on the dancefloor…I don’t see anything close to that.  The moves are good, but there isn’t chemistry.  I still expect her hips to move better than that.  2 8’s and a 7.

Kyle and Lacey had the theme song to Charlie’s Angels and were supposed to fox trot.  They mixed that with some 70’s style dancing in between that did not go over well with Len at all.  He gave them a 5!  Compared to the 8 and 7 given by the other judges…that’s rough.  It was definitely a cute dance, and definitely not a full fox trot

Rick and Cheryl dance to the Hill Street Blues theme song.  She looks like a hooker and he looks like a dirty cop willing to exchange a little something in return for no ticket.  They also had the rhumba, and there’s was definitely more sexy than Audrina and Tony’s. Apparently he went from being megatron last week to megasmooth. 3 8’s.

Bristol and Mark danced to the Monkey’s theme song and came out wearing monkey costumes and started their dance that way.  Bristol got stuck in her costume when trying to get it off, which seemed to throw her off a little.  Apparently the judges felt she was more comfortable this week, I think I missed that, but noticed she forgot the steps.  It might have been better to keep the costumes on…3 6’s.

Jennifer and Derik finish it by dancing to the song Love and Marriage.  I thought it was very cute and very well done.  I just love her.  I have never been that flexible and can guarantee I won’t be at 50 either!  The judges liked it, but thought she could have done more.  They finish the night with 2nd place scores – 2 8s and a 9.  I thought they deserved better.

So, we have Brandy on top and Bristol on the bottom.  Bristol may be done for, she’s given it a good try though!  I’m still wanting Florence gone though, she’s hard for me to watch.  Who ever makes it through this week gets to learn 2 new dances next week – I love it!  Tune in later to find out who misses the cut.

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