Dancing with the Stars Two Dances 10 May 2010

And we’re back to the full two hour show as the final five take on two new individual dances this week. They have a ballroom and a latin dance to do. Each dance will have a specific era to dance to. Next week is the semi-final week already! Five votes this week. Ballroom dances first.

We start off giving the pros get a chance to critique all the other celebs. Kind of interesting. What the hell is Brooke wearing tonight…who said that was a good idea?! Anyway. Chad Ochocinco is up first. Apparently we’ve decided that Chad is bipolar as Cheryl says she never knows what mood he’s going to be in. They Tango first. I hate it that he again looks pretty good. Though there is something weird with his back/legs. It’s like he’s slouching somehow…I don’t know what it is. But overall, it has good intensity and looks good. Len thought it had attack but needed a little refinement. Bruno thought he went for the emotional involvement, but it has to be slicker. CarrieAnn also loved the attack and intensity, but the posture was funky. I’m glad she couldn’t figure out how to say it either! 7,7,7. A little low for this point in the show.

Niecy Nash is up next, needing to keep up the good work after her best dance last week. She has the Viennese Waltz. She’s got the wrist Kleenex this week now, I don’t get that! I think that her feet look good, but her arms look a little weird at times. The Kleenex really draw attention there…Bruno agrees with me about the arms being weird, but thought overall it was good. CarrieAnn seems to be looking for how to be nice with criticism. Len is pleasantly surprised. I really like Niecy. 7,8,8. Not bad!

Erin Andrews gets to Argentine Tango next. Erin is scared to do her lifts, which could be an issue, Maks may kill her. Unfortunately I don’t think Maks will be undressing, but oh well, can’t win em all. She doe the jump into a lift and it’s amazing. This dance is full of attitude. The end part starts to look a little awkward to me, but overall I thought it was great. Standing O for the dance. CarrieAnn kissed Len, which I think means she loved it. Len called her a dirty dirty girl, he loved it. Bruno called Maks a lucky fire hydrant. Yup. 9,10,9. Wow, look at Len!

Evan Lysacek is attempting to bring another perfect dance. And to celebrate, Evan brought Anna to the ice, where he was in charge. They have a Waltz, that Anna wants to make the most romantic ever. Anna tells Evan that he can’t come across as cold, but needs to be romantic. I don’t know if he fully comes across as warm, but it looks beautiful. He looks so good in the slow dances because of his training. He is so long and has great lines. Len is not sure if he liked it or not. Bruno loves his lyrical lines. CarrieAnn is mesmerized by the lines, but as she looks closer she thinks he needs to lose himself. Agreed. 9,9,9.

Nicole Scherzinger has the last ballroom dance of the night, did they save the best for last? They have the fox trot. I don’t know how CarrieAnn called her the best dancer on the show ever, yet Evan scored higher last week. I don’t know if Len will like all the props and “hubbub”. I feel like there’s a lot more than straight fox trot in this. It’s cute and well danced. I liked it. We’ll have to see if I’ve gotten better at understanding the dancing. Bruno thought it was pure dancing joy and creativity. CarrieAnn thinks it’s nice to see Nicole smiling and thinks she’s dazzling. Len thought they turned the fox trot into a great story – I’m wrong. Damn. Though he does site a lack of connection in the holds. 10,9,10.

Latin round next. But first a dance from some people who were disqualified from a dancing competition for being to edgy. It looks awesome. Absolutely wonderful. So, now with the Latin dances we get the era specific dances. Once again, the pros analyze the celebs for these dances.

With a 1960’s style jive, Chad Ochocinco starts it off. The dance is about a guy who cares about the ladies and extravagant things…perfect. I feel like Len, because I don’t know what I think about this one. There are some parts that I think look really good, and some parts that look really awkward to me. Len thought it was fun and entertaining, though his kicks were terrible. Bruno thought Chad pimped the Jive. CarrieAnn thought it was great and groovy. I guess my dislike for him is keeping my from properly seeing the dance. 8,8,8. 45/60 total.

Niecy Nash has a 90’s Paso Doble, which could be fun. Her goal is to be insense, fierce, and powerful. I don’t know how this is an era dance other than the music and outfits. I didn’t love the dance. It was good, but I don’t know. Bruno thought she was a scary mama, but she threw herself in like an avalanche. CarrieAnn gives her a lot of credit, which means she didn’t like it. Len thinks she just got through the routine, he doesn’t think the Paso suits Niecy’s personality. 7,6,7. 43/50 total.

Erin Andrews has an 80’s style Rhumba. Her hip action still is awkward to me. Though I give her props for doing a solo to start. She had a little awkward part toward the end, I think she got off on the wrong foot. I didn’t see anything 80’s about this dance either other than the outfits. Uhoh, are they doing it too? I think they may just have had a lip to lip kiss. CarrieAnn says the reason she is not at the same point as Evan and Nicole is because she doubts herself. Len liked her hip action, but the whole thing was jerky. Bruno thinks Erin and Maks make great music together. 8,8,9. 53/60 total.

Evan Lysacek has a futuristic ChaCha. This should be interesting. The smoke kept me from seeing the first part, but what I can see it’s great. They decided to have android faces, which I think works for Evan since he has trouble sometimes connecting to the dance. I really like it, maybe 10’s? I thought it was great. Len is confused. Bruno said something incomprehensible, but it looks like he liked it. CarrieAnn thought the stiff movement worked well. 9,8,9. I guess the fact that I like Evan clouds the way I see their dance too. 53/60 total.

Nicole Scherzinger has a 1950’s Paso Doble. Derik is struggling with how to combine the two. At least he’s trying though. I really really like it. His choreography is so clever. I think he did the best job combining the dance with the era. It was fun to watch. There has to be a 10 here. Bruno again is incomprehensible which means good. CarrieAnn can’t stop giggling. Brilliant is all she can say. Len says it’s against his nature to be nice about two dances in a night, but he found nothing to criticize in this dance. It looks like something is wrong with Nicole, she looks uncomfortable, I don’t know. 10, 10, 10. 59/60 total. Awesome.

I’m not sure if it’s going to be Chad or Niecy leaving, but it had better be Nicole, Evan and Erin in the final three. Get your vote on.

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