Dancing with the Stars, Week 2 Sept 27, 2010

Here we go again.  I saw that there was a blog on the results show from last week, so I decided to just skip it.  I was shocked that The Hoff left, I thought for sure he’d stay a couple weeks.  Not that I’m sad, he stunk.  I think if we were in Germany he’d win.

Oh Brooke, you never cease to amaze me with your outfits.  I quote my brother on this “it looks like fangs on her boobs”, and he is right.  Lets see how many awkward moments we will have tonight…

We start off with Rick Fox and the jive.  He is concerned with his achilies tendon, as that’s what cut his basketball career short.  His dance looked a little stiff to me and I thought last week was better. Len and Bruno both called him a contender and CarrieAnn agreed with me. He got 3-7’s.

Florence Henderson takes on the quick step.  Here’s where we see if she’s just going to actually be able to dance.  She actually has some moves in there that look like true dance steps.  Much better than last week.  Definietly not as quick as her counterparts will be, but better than I thought. She gets the age points again.  They plan to see her next week. 7,6,6.

Brandy is up next with the jive.  I don’t know what it is with Maks, he always struggles with his partners.  Gimme a chance, we’ll be fine!  Eh, not impressed sadly.  He acting is down, but she doesn’t seem confident in the moves, especially the kicks, which are the jive.  She has a solo, but it’s not a jive – can’t wait to what Len thinks.

*news break* Sarah Palin in the house!!!  Heck yes.  That’s enterntainment in and of itself.

Len agreed with me about Brandy’s steps and he hated the solo – I’m getting good at this ๐Ÿ™‚ 7,7,7.

Michael Bolton is up next.  He was sick this week, so that didn’t help, neither does the fact that they have the jive.  But don’t worry, he’s not a quitter.  Though I actually wouldn’t mind if he was, cuz then I wouldn’t have to watch this painful excuse for a dance.  Poor guy is trying – and he’s still terrible.  Stick to singing.  Did I mention it was painful?!  The judges agree, but in a nicer way than I.  Oh, spoke to soon, Bruno called it the worst jive of all the seasons, which causes a fight between him and Len.  4,5,3.  Damn.  Definitely the lowest score ever.  Wow.  Glad I’m not him.

Audrina Patridge is up with a quickstep.  I don’t know enough about her to know what to make fun of…give me time.  She showed ability last week.  Apparently people in her life don’t know how to function without her.  I love Tony.  She looks pretty good, seems to have the dance steps down.  Not a lot of acting, her facial expression was pretty stuck on.  Best so far according to them…no one mentions that there have only been 3 others, one of which earned a 3, so there has not been much competition. 2-8’s and a 7. Tony promised to wax his legs if they did not get 3 8’s, so smooth legs here he comes!

Apparently Brad Womack is the Bachelor AGAIN next season…from what I hear, this is his second time there.  Really.  I understand that he just didn’t pick anyone last time.  Here goes again.

Jennifer Grey is up next with a jive.  She can’t do tricks because she had a plate put in her neck, so Derik has made up for it with steps. She’s actually better at the quicker dances than i thought she would be.  She looks a little awkward at times, but with a little work, could be great.  I’m quite impressed.  The judges loved it.  Nothing bad to be said.  Derik is amazing.  His choreography really puts the dancers to the test and makes them look good.  3-8’s.  They deserved that. 

SARAH PALIN!!!  I wish you could all hear my impression of her, I’m pretty spot on.  She wasn’t as annoying as I thought she’d be.

Margaret Cho is up next for redemption.  She has a lot to prove this week, and I think she can do it, she just needs to not rely on her humor.  Ha, Louis just said the same thing – I’m awesome! It’s a pretty slow jive, but she’s hitting the steps. She looks good.  I still think that she could be here for awhile as her confiences rises.  I liked it. All positive comments from the judges. 3-6’s.  I think she deserved at least a 7.

Kyle Massey is up and he needs to show that last week wasn’t a fluke.  Lacey adds some “hip” moves so that it’s not just an old-fashioned dance and it works well.  I think he does pretty well.  He moved well and continues to have the showmanship down.  He’s so darn cute!  Apparently his frame wasn’t great, missed that.  Overall good feedback. Mom turned the channel for the scores part, so I know nothing other than he is not at the top or the bottom.  My guess is 7,8,7.

Kurt Warner has a jive and he’s showing more personality than he’s shown before.  And just remember, he’s got a hoard of kids and we’ve got 11 votes tonight, I’d say he’s still safe for a couple weeks.  He does well. He really does well acting the dances and his steps aren’t bad either.  A little stiff at times, but pretty good for an old football player.  7,7,7.  Not too bad.  I like it.

The Situation is up, awesome.  Turns out he’s pretty pigeon-toed.  I hope Len puts him in his place again.  They have a quickstep.  He’s already whining about the music.  He seems to be taking it somewhat seriously, we’ll see.  Seriously though, shaving shapes into your hair is so yesterday…He really needs to work on his toes.  They cause the moves to look weird.  He does a decent job though.  He at least won’t be last, that will be all Michael.  They all think he did better than last week, but has work to do. 6,6,6.

Bristol Palin is bringing up the rear.  She introduces him to her home and her mom.  They have a moment.  The quickstep seems to be going okay for her.  She’s pretty nervous and it shows on her face.  but the steps aren’t bad.  If she can find confidence, she might be a dark horse.  The judges agree about her needing to find a character.  They liked it. 7,8,7.  The 8 surprised me.

Well, there it is.  All 11 done.  I’m thinking that Michael will go; at least he should.  If not, I may not watch again.  Well, that’s a lie.  I’ll keep watching, but I will watch in protest!  I tried to make it short, but that proves to be difficult for me.  Tune in tomorrow to see what happens.  No bowling for me, so I will be on time ๐Ÿ™‚



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