Dane Bowers finishes Celebrity Big Brother in second place!

Former popstar Dane Bowers is the second place finalist in [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|2010’s Celebrity Big Brother]]. He only just lost out to this year’s winner, Alex Reid, but exited the house to rapturous applause.

Dane’s been a solid, quiet but popular contestant this year. He had earned the label of Mini Vinnie for keeping close to Vinnie Jones, who he correctly guessed was the front-runner for the first couple of weeks. I think Dane’s success on the series comes from the fact that most of us assumed he was an arrogant git. Certainly, if he was an arrogant fella in his early days, there was no evidence of that in the last month.

Dane got on well with most of the contestants, except for a little spat with Lady Sovereign, and was quite close to Nicola Tappenden inside the house. The two shared some nice moments together, albeit in a thoroughly platonic way! And don’t forget all the cooking that he did during his stay.

Dane pays tribute to Alex in his exit interview, acknowledging the “lovable prat”. Davina admits she thought he was a bit of a doofus, but they both say that he’s changed people’s opinions of him. We see footage of Dane going from being invisible (as I’d labelled him back then) to being much more present in the house. He admits that his confidence grew over his stay – to the point where he was comfortable singing around the house.

Dane defends Vinnie’s banter and gets a few boos for his trouble. He says that Vinnie’s insults are mostly meant in jest. He tells Davina that he’d like to get back to working and he’d love to sing again.

Asked whether he’d like anything romantic to happen with Nicola, he says no, “I’d rather fight her than f*ck her.” Apparently Nicola knows Dane’s brother, so her sort of knew her when she went into the house. But still, he’s not interested in her romantically!

That’s yer lot from Dane Bowers – d’you think we’ll see a single from Dane soon?

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