Is Dannii Minogue failing Rachel Adedeji?

Poor [[Rachel Adedeji]]. First two live shows and she’s in the bottom two each time. That’s got to be knocking her confidence big time, which makes me sad.

With X Factor, sometimes it’s the artists that are edgy that get shafted. Because they’re not mainstream, the audience doesn’t connect to them easily. What’s worse is that the show – mentors, choreographers, whoever makes the performance decisions – doesn’t have the vision to package them correctly.

That’s where Rachel is suffering. There she is, a young black woman with a sassy attitude (watch her on Xtra Factor to see what I mean), a slightly harder than Rihanna haircut and a powerful set of songpipes. And what is she being given to sing? Beyonce songs and tonight a U2 song, the soul-sucking With Or Without You.

For my money, Rachel has something unique, but it’s not coming across in the live performances. And with a drought of public votes, it’s clear that she either needs to define herself – get an image, stick to it, become London’s Lady Gaga if she has to, but give the public something they can understand and love. It’s clear at the moment that Rachel’s in trouble. Big Band week may only harm her further, because the boys will coast through the fake Rat Pack performances. I only hope Dannii and Rachel come up with something inventive to take her through next week and establish herself as a possible winner.

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