Dannii Minogue takes her X Factor Under 28 males to Australia

For the fourth of our [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] Judges’ Houses posts we jet around the globe to Australia. And while Simon Cowell is dealing with Sinitta’s exposed gusset, Will.I.Am is searching on his hands and knees for his integrity, Dannii has teamed up with Natalie Imbruglia, and Ms Imbruglia is looking radiant.

As we all know, Dannii completely missed the early auditions stages this year, so she’s essentially stuck with the acts that Simon, Louis and the guest judges have given her. And I personally don’t think it’s a line-up worth getting really excited about, though I may be proven wrong at live shows.

  1. Nicolo Festa: The Italian hopeful reveals that he’s been singing since he was a foetus. Or something like that. It’s utter nonsense. He’s the Storm Lee of the Under 28s – all ego and not particularly likeable. And no, I don’t even remember what he sang.
  2. Tom Richards: The young singer from South Wales gives Dannii and Natalie his version of Robbie Williams’ Feel. Dannii grumbles that “Every word is presented like he’s in a musical.”
  3. Paije Richardson: The rather good London singer that Louis championed a couple of weeks ago. He sings True Colours and as always he’s pretty good. Great voice, but a ridiculous outfit. Gold bow tie? Feathers in his cap? 
  4. John Wilding: Dannii looks at him like something she stepped in. Borderline revulsion I think it’s called. I’m not impressed either.
  5. Karl Brown: I like to imagine a chorus of “Who?” going up around the nation when Karl came on screen. We’ve surely never heard of him before today. And we’ll probably not hear of him again after today.
  6. Marlon McKenzie: Reprises his version of Empire State Of Mind. I think he sang it before. An excellent voice and a very polished, professional look. I think he could do well.
  7. Matt Cardle: Matt somehow draws the short straw and sings If I Were A Boy. It’s not his best performance, but it’s a heinous song choice for him.
  8. Aiden Grimshaw: Aiden gets to sing Damien Rice’s Cannonball.It’s an awful song choice, which Dannii acknowledges to a glowing, sultry Natalie Imbruglia. Sorry, got distracted. No, Aiden bugs me with his screwed-up expressions as he sings. He’s a good singer, but I can’t warm to him.

Wrapping up, the crucial question here is – did Dannii draw the short straw, or do you think there’s a winner in her group? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. kathy hamilton-brace

    yes i certainly think so and dont mean to sound cocky and to predictionlous but i i hope to know tht for a fact that there is a winner in her group and i really hope tom richards or matt cardle wins out if here group

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