Danyl Johnson a hot favourite for X Factor?

Danyl Johnson

I’ve just finished liveblogging the first episode of X Factor for Unreality TV. If you were watching along, you’ll know the show finished with schoolteacher Danyl Johnson. It was possibly the strongest audition performance I’ve ever seen on the show in any series. No doubt this was helped by the audience (the first time X Factor auditions have been done this way). Here’s what I said about Danyl:

he’s the cool teacher at school who gives an electrifying performance of With A Little Help From My Friends. The dude has a sea of hands waving at him, girl judges winking at him and Simon more visibly excited than I’ve seen him in years. We can only hope that he doesn’t suffer from ‘shit at the live shows’ syndrome, because his audition performance could have won the show in previous years.

Danyl had so many entertaining little touches in his performances – with the audience waving along, and perching on the edge of the stage – that he’ll be a natural in the live shows. The thing is, he had time to prepare and he probably knows the Joe Cocker song off by heart. But how will he handle an ABBA week or a Michael Jackson themed show?

Who knows? Did you think Danyl was a strong contender tonight or was there someone you liked better?

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  1. yum mum

    lets not count chickens.

    he was good, very very good, but its only show one and there is many more to come (including another daniel who i personally think is potential winner material)


    1. Gerard McGarry

      Well, it’d be pretty boring if he was the only viable contestant, wouldn’t it? No, seriously, bring on the talent. We need to see 12 brilliant performers going through to the live rounds this year!

  2. Chrissy

    Have to say after seeing all of the auditions now Danyl was the only one who really stood out for me.

    This year has really focused on the crap auditions and I’m hoping that once we get to boot camp we’ll see some contestants step up.

    1. P Crane

      Daniels first audition was fantastic, unsure about tonight, he sang but did not include the audience, but certainly got my attention, if anyone has a contact for Daniel, I organise a yearly large village catering for all ages from the (diddys to the wrinklies) event in Northampton,so before Daniel becomes a super star I would like to book him for an hour or so on the 19th June 2010, I can promise an amazing audience for this young man that has so much to give to all.

  3. Jaye

    Yes, definitely the strongest tonight and a wonderful presence on stage – like you say, he’ll have to cut it in those Abba/MJ weeks though!

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