Darnit! Wagner voted off The X Factor. Internet petition groups fail!

Does Louis Walsh look relieved in the photo above? It might be because he’s finally managed to jettison novelty singer Wagner Carrilho from The X Factor just in time for the semi-finals.

As you already know, Katie Waissel got eliminated first. This left Mary Byrne and Wagner to face each other in a sing off. Both Louis Walsh’s acts – how would he choose between them?

To be honest, neither act sang their ‘save me’ song particularly well. But that was never the issue with this elimination, was it? This was the judges’ first opportunity to vote Wagner off, and they grabbed it with both hands. Even Louis jumped at the chance to sacrifice Wagner. At least he didn’t abstain from the vote as Cheryl Cole did only a couple of weeks ago!

Simon Cowell took the time to lambast the various support groups for Wagner across the Internet, accusing them of trying to derail the show. He said:

But what I said tonight is, it can’t end up, the end of the show, as a joke. At the end of the day these people entered the show because they needed a break. It’s not about us, its about them.

Here’s the point where we ask: if Wagner was making the show a joke, who put him there in the first place? Well, Louis Walsh, that’s who. But who runs this show and could have blocked that decision? Simon Cowell. So you’ve got to give Simon some degree of responsibility for turning his own show into a joke.

Later, on the Xtra Factor, Louis would go on to explain that he thought Wagner brought entertainment value to the series, a little light relief from the ‘serious’ singing competition part. The problem that he didn’t address is that Wagner saw himself as a legitimate act. So, according to that logic, he was one of those people who ‘needed a break’ as Simon put it.

I won’t miss Wagner. I won’t miss the steady stream of salacious tabloid stories that the press have generated about him and Katie Waissel. But I do wish next year’s X Factor would lay off the cheesy contestants and give us proper stars. But in the same breath I wonder if they did that, would The X Factor become unbearably boring?

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  1. justME

    To be honest, i don’t think Wagner deserved all the dislikeable criticism, after all Walsh was his mentor, i sometimes wonder about Lois Walsh repeat mentoring- i mean, the Jedwards couldn’t sing-so he made them entertainment, Wagner can sing but most of the show he talked his way through the songs- why didn’t Louis Walsh, paid to be a mentor tell the vocal coach/singing director to let Wagner sing?mind you- i suppose in this p*** p**r show that the excuse is all the ‘gurus’ think it’s big time entertainment, when it is light entertainment, and they take themselves a tad too seriously as guides for talents – they repeat themselves too much for me to take any of them seriously at all.in fact i’m glad the xfactor turned up on my tv ‘cos now i know that the so called mentors are exactly like i thought they were before all the publicity stunsts and that is Fickle with a capital F TO SAY THE LEAST.

  2. yum mum

    fairplay to louis though,to send home wagner, isn’t it the first time in the shows history a mentor has had the brass monkeys to send one of their own home.

    im not sure. i think i vaguely recal something similar happening before but can’t think who and when, i may be getting confused with the whole maria/conways/louis debacle i dont know. . …..c’mon gerard, my fountain of all things xfactor knowledge,  help me out here.

    i also love the fact that cheryl had the final word and gave some dignity back to the guy by accepting his apology over the council estate cherade. it was very big of her and she seemed genuine.

    he may have been made to be the class clown , but i also do think it will not be the same without him next week.

    not that i particularly liked him or thought he should/would win, i just think that if they’r going to give someone that platform in the first place, they (the producers/judges) should atleast accept the consequences of their actions, fulfil their oblgations and not try to humiliate him out of the show .

    having said that it was definately the right decision between him and mary, had it been between him and the kat weasel , hmmmm now that would a prove tricky one for me.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’ve done a definitive piece of research on this topic, because it’s always on my own mind. I knew Simon did at one point have to choose between two of his own acts, but I couldn’t name them.

      After a fair bit of trawling through the previous series of X Factor, I discovered that Simon had to choose between two of his own acts in series 4 (2007). He was mentoring the groups that year and had to choose between Hope and Futureproof. I can barely remember either act!

      What’s poignant here is that this was the same year Sharon Osbourne had refused to vote when two of her acts were bottom two. She famously stormed offstage and threatened to walk out. Two weeks later (week 3), Simon had to make a choice between his own two acts. I’d say Osbourne’s refusal put pressure on him to be decisive though.

    2. yum mum

      replying to my own post – how sad am i?
      i just wkipedia’d my own query out of curiosity.
      it has infact happened before when a mentor has sent home their own act (and i actually mean sending them home as a decision opposed to just taking it to deadlock) and low and behold guess who it was;
      mr louis walsh , series 2, week 4 (the week before the maria lawson/conways cherade) he had to decide between his two acts chenai and nicholas.
      i cant seem to find any other occasion (although i may have missed one) so it seems louis walsh is made of slightly sterner stuff and takes his role a little more seriously than we may have thought.

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