Dating in the Dark- Strangely addictable

Dating In the Dark is a dating show where contestants have to go on dates with each other in pitch black before choosing to see their favourite in the light. Sarah Harding presents this funny show Tuesday nights on Living TV

Dating in the Dark first was shown in 2009 in the UK although I only started watching it in series 2. Series 3 has now returned and the show has been updated to get better than ever. Before Scott Mills narrated the series but this time Sarah Harding is presenting the lively show. She talks to the contestants and asks them about how they feel about their dates and whom they are going to choose. I find her a bit wooden in her presenting style and she doesn’t seem to get to know the contestants properly. However it did need a presenter and I do think that works well.

The format of the show is quite simple; the show starts with four girls and four boys all hoping to find their ‘dream’ partner. The daters all go into the pitch black room and get to know each other. After this the girls and boys have to choose whom they least liked and this person has to leave the show. This is a new development and I do think it works quite well.

After this the couples start to form as we see them dating in the dark room. The show also has a compatible match round where the daters find out whom they are matched with and what percentage. After another round of dating the contestants have to decide who they want to see in the light. It is interesting to see how people can change when they see a person in the light. Many of the contestants can turn out to be quite shallow and although they got on brilliant in the room when they see they aren’t very good looking they don’t want to know anymore. I love the part when the light shines on the contestant and you can see the other person’s reaction. Some of the reactions are priceless.

The last part of the programme is the best part as they build up tension on whether couples will meet. One contestant has to wait in a room if they want to meet their selected partner and they have to hope they want to see them too. It then shows them waiting as we find out if the other person will go through the front door or meet their match. This week was slightly horrible as two girls were both waiting to meet the same guy. Unfortunately the guy was quite shallow and left the sweet ‘girl next door’ for the blonde bimbo who he had barely seen in the dark room but had found attractive. It was horrid to see the other girl’s reaction to the fact he had gone off with the other girl who he obviously thought was more attractive. Many people meet in the show when you don’t expect them too and many people walk away out of the front door to your shock.

It is interesting to see 5 weeks later whether the couples are still together. So far this series, hardly any relationships have worked off camera and many have barely spoke since the show. The show is a good laugh and has to be taken not seriously and I think it is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

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