Dave Grohl treated for serious caffeine addiction

One suspects there’s a touch of viral intent behind this video of Dave Grohl going a little bit loopy in the studio after one too many cups of coffee. But seriously, how many coffees is too many? Well, probably however many Dave just drunk.

Here’s a video of him looning around the studio, presumably high on caffeine and being very annoying. I’ve known drummers to get punched for more sedate behaviour. Is this newsworthy? No, not really. No more than my own addiction to bacon sandwiches. But I suspect the real goal is to draw attention to Grohl’s latest collaboration with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Joshua Homme and Led Zeppelin legend John Paul Jones.

Still, it may have been successful, because after a quick bounce over to the Them Crooked Vultures’ MySpace page, I can confirm that the band sounds pretty good. Maybe it’s the presence of a Zeppelin member, but there’s a ton of catchy riffage inspired by that era, but with a distinctly modern edge.

My advice to you? Laugh at Grohl’s antics, but go and listen to this trio in action as soon as you possibly can!

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