Dave Vitty voted off Dancing On Ice 2011, Katona saved.

Jason Gardiner can say what he likes to Karen Barber on Dancing On Ice and I won’t mind. But tonight he saved Kerry Katona from elimination, thus subjecting me to at least one more week of this classless abomination and her tabloid, attention seeking ways.

I remain unconvinced by Kerry Katona’s new battlecry of “I’m trying to put the past behind me and sort out my life.” It’s an uncomfortable fact that Katona didn’t have to ‘sort her life out’ in the public eye. She could easily have taken her myriad of personal problems and worked them out in private, without the ghastly fly on the wall drama on ITV2. 

But that’s a rant for another day. The big news tonight is that Comedy Dave (aka Dave Vitty) got sent home when only Robin Cousins voted to save him. Emma Bunton and Jason Gardiner opted to save Kerry Katona. To my intense annoyance.

To be fair though, Comedy Dave was awful. Unlike surprise skater Jeff Brazier, Dave hasn’t gotten any better over the weeks and he’s not up to competition standard. Sorry, Chris Moyles fans, but it’s true. Dancing On Ice is at that point in the competition where the wobby, rubbish skaters are slowly being picked off while the better performers continue to entertain us each week.

As Lisa said in her blog post, Dave was actually worse on his second time round. After he got voted off, Dave commented:

I’m gutted obviously, I know I’m not one of the best skaters in this competition. I’ve had a really good time, it’s been an amazing privilege to have got Frankie as a partner and she has been brilliant!

I was quite surprised that Vitty – who had the support of the nation’s biggest radio show – didn’t get the votes to survive. 

Though Katona survived, she clearly hasn’t got the voter support that other contestants have, though this is the first time she’s been in the bottom two. Also narrowly avoiding the bottom was Loose Woman Denise Welch. Dave, Kerry and Denise were at the bottom of the leaderboard following tonight’s musical theatre themed show.

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