David Boreanaz confirms Bones Season 7 via Twitter

The marketing department at Fox are sure to be thrilled that David Boreanaz saved them all the bother of telling the world that Bones has been renewed. The hugely popular series will be back next year for an incredible seventh season.

Boreanaz used his Twitter account to confirm yesterday that Bones had been renewed. In fact, he only used a fraction of the service’s famous 140 character limit to get the word across:

OT! Orange and Black craziness! Oh, Season 7 is GO for Bones

Unlike Chuck – for instance – the continuation of Brennan and Booth’s stories was never really in any danger. According to Ace Showbiz, showrunner Hart Hanson pointed to licensing issues as the last stumbling block to renewal last month:

“Bones” renewal actually is inevitable as showrunner Hart Hanson said last month that there was only “business stuff” left to take care of. “It’s license fee negotiations,” said Hanson. “They are talking like crazy over there. In 2009, it wasn’t settled until the weekend before upfronts. I imagine this could be anywhere between now and May 15. I’m very confident we will come to a deal.”

Speculation is rife that Brennan and Booth will be a full-on couple by this time next year (mirroring House and Cuddy getting together in their seventh season?) – but there’s also the thorny issue of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy to be dealt with. She’s expected to be heavily pregnant by the time production commences, and Hanson has hinted that they may consider doing several episodes without her.

So there you go Bones fans – are you happy that the series is coming back? And how would you handle Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy if you were running the show?

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