David Tennant starring in new American pilot, ‘Rex’

David Tennant

No-one expected that [[David Tennant]] would be resting on his laurels after quitting his job as [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]]. However, considering he seemed to be enjoying his recent stint in Hamlet, you’d think his next career move would be treading the boards for a while.

Not so, word reaches us that Mr Tennant will be taking the lead role in a new NBC series called ‘Rex Is Not Your Lawyer’. The series is about Rex Alexander, a Chicago litigator who begins suffering panic attacks and takes up coaching clients to represent themselves in court.

David Semel, who directed the pilots for “Heroes” and “Life,” has come on board to helm the comedic legal drama from Universal Media Studios and BermanBraun.

He will also executive produce with veteran Barry Schindel (who is attached as showrunner), Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein. Leeds and Lampson serve as supervising producers.

NBC greenlighted the project in August, about two years after it was first developed, and had been trying to find a lead actor for several months until Tennant came along and nailed the part.

This is awesome news, and totally unprecedented. Tennant’s predecessor, Christopher Eccleston, quite the role of The Doctor amid concerns about being typecast. Actors who play the lead in Doctor Who often find it difficult to transition from such an iconic role. Certainly David Tennant is among the most recognisable of actors to play the part, and I worried that he might suffer from being stereotyped.

It looks like somebody is trying to draw parallels to the success of fellow Brit actor, Hugh Laurie, when he picked up the cane and became the irritable Dr House. Can Tennant carve a niche for himself as a panic-attack suffering lawyer? Perhaps. The man definitely has enough manic energy to play that kind of part, and the good looks to win the affections of the female audience anyway!

But won’t it be a little bit difficult to watch a show like this and not expect him to whip out a sonic screwdriver to solve a problem or boost a lock?

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