Davina McCall enters the Big Brother house!

Stalwart [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Big Brother]] presenter Davina McCall infiltrates the house dressed in Nicola’s costume from earlier on. It takes Vinnie Jones all of 30 seconds to suss that it’s not Nicola behind that chicken costume, and he tells the other housemates to be wary.

The resulting TV footage is the funniest and strangest thing I’ve seen on TV in years. It’s a woman in a chicken suit wandering around the house pursued by various other farm animals. She seems to be slightly panicked by this turn of events, running from room to room trying to avoid the suspicious housemates.

If you switched over to Big Brother’s Big Mouth, you’ll have seen the male housemates trying to corall [[Davina McCall|Davina]] – they were pushing her around and she was stumbling all over the place. Davina told Emma Griffiths on Big Mouth that Vinnie is every bit as intimidating dressed as a horse, and that they’re trying their best to pull the hourse head off to reveal who she is.

Davina’s gone to some lengths to disguise herself though – she’s wearing Nicola’s jewellry, and she removed her wedding ring. This was noted by the housemates, but Stephanie noted that whoever was inside the chicken suit had “masculine hands”!

In a full seventeen series’ of Big Brother (celebrity and non-celebrity), Davina has never entered the house during the live programming. She’s always gone in beforehand to walk the viewers through changes to the set and sometimes after the series has ended, but she’s never been part of the show before. This is perhaps the height of what has been one of the most engaging and entertaining Big Brother series’ ever, which makes it all the more tragic, since as one Twitter user said, “It’s a shame they got it so right in the last ever series…”

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