Degrees are in the studio again

They’ve been going a good few months now and have produced a three track single and some superb live performances, including one at the Colchester Arts Centre in late 2011. 

I was at Degrees’ first gig last Halloween when Alex drummed whilst covered in fake blood and Patrick had the real life horror situation of having to sing with flu and half a voice. Luckily it was the tuneful, if raspy half, and the performance went down a storm. Since then they’ve played in and around Chelmsford, most recently on Friday the 13th of this month at Hooga with Missing Andy. They also guested at Point Blank when Gary Powell of the Libertines headlined.

It is, perhaps, inevitable that fans are still curious about the superb Seven Summers album. It was produced and marketed independently, then taken up by HMV and is still selling. The guys are pleased it has done so well and are rightly proud of it, but like former frontman Matt Cardle, they are now moving forward with new plans, a new lineup, new music and, in their case, a new name. 

Degrees are presently shut away at Monkey Puzzle studios to record their newest EP. Before they left, Neillo told me “We are doing five new tracks, two of which we have not played live yet. Once we are happy with the recordings we will mix and master, do some artwork and release three of them.” I heard one of the five new songs performed live, first in rehearsal and later at Hooga. It was very good, as I may have mentioned before, but as yet has no official name. I’ll have to update you when they have decided, but it’s a bit like naming a new baby. You have an idea what you want to call it, but until it’s born, you can never be sure the choice is the right one.

While I had Neillo’s attention, I quizzed him about future gigs. He told me: “We have a few shows booked so far, but are by our own admission, not the hardest working band.”

Those gigs are as follows:

Wed 29th February – 93 Feet East, Brick Lane,
Sat 11th March – Camden Proud
Sat 17th March – Camden Barfly
Thurs 26th April – Harlow Square

They may not be on stage nightly, but when they are, it’s a heck of a show.

Listen to their current single here

Image courtesy of Neil Wray. Thanks Neil, I’ll try and get more online later.

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