Demi Lovato: ‘La La Land’ Single And Video Review

Song: La La Land

Artist: Demi Lovato

Album: Don’t Forget

Release Date: 29 May 2009 (IRL), 1 June 2009 (UK)

Genre: Pop rock, teen pop, bubblegum pop

Peak Position: 30 (IRL), 35 (UK)

Another Disney pop rock star to release a new single this month is Demi Lovato with La La Land. After starring in the wildly popular Camp Rock alongside the wildly popular Jonas Brothers, Demi believes that she can extend her audience beyond pre-teens by releasing her debut single over here.

Now I’m in a bit of a conundrum here, I can’t exactly decide on what I think of this song.

*It has to be the only bubblegum pop song with a big guitar and piano solo.
*Lovato is quite likeable.
*Her voice is quite nice sounding like Sara Bareilles before breaking into an Alanis Morisette like shriek.
*Lovato is quite a good live performer and plays the compex piano solo herself.

*Rather annoyingly catchy.
*She has that creepy Disney vibe about her.
*She tends to oversing a bit on the song and for a simple teen pop song, it has too many layers to it.
*Could her lyrics be contrived?

For a gazillion selling Disney star, the video looks surprisingly low budget with the La La Land looking somewhat like a mini playground. Maybe that was Lovato’s intention but sometimes it looks like she’s standing in front of a green screen rather than in the actual setting.

The video begins with an annoying chat show sequence in which Lovato is been interviewed by one of those creepy, annoying, chubby Disney stars before we see her pose in a number of costumes (which includes a big puffypink dress and matching wig) while she shows us how normal she is and how Hollywood won’t corrupt her which is kinda refreshing in a way but hopefully she’ll stick to this philosophy as she goes beyond her tender age of 16. Lovato also has a nice toothy grin and she’s hard not to like.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Arggghhh! I was hoping to beat you to this review!

    I’m finding it difficult to keep up with the sheer number of new female stars hitting the music scene lately! I saw Demi Lovato’s video last week and she’s less slick and glam than other Disney-based pop stars. Which may be the point, since she’s hitting back at celebrity culture – our favourite topic of conversation!

    As for the song – I had to go and look up the video on YouTube again! To be honest, I’d have marked her a little higher: I like the down to earth lyrics and her ‘normal teen’ appearance. A good role model, reminding me of my recent tirade about images of women in pop music. I’d like to see more music from her.

    1. RandomEnigma

      I know Im stealing all the reviews on you! Hey don’t worry about it, you give your side of the song! We’ll have a face-off haha! Yes, I find her a bit of a grower to be honest. She has quite a vocal range I was listening to some of her other songs. And I agree she does seem down to Earth. But I find something rather annoying about her too! I can’t really put my finger on it.

      I really think you should do a review also!

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