Den Of Geek’s 10 Doctor Who characters who should return

The Sci-Fi blog Den Of Geek have written a post speculating on which historical [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] characters should return during Stephen Moffat’s reign as showrunner.

One of the interesting items on their list is Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor, whose only outing was a television movie in 1996. When conceiving the show’s revival in 2005, Russell T Davies counted this incarnation of The Doctor as a legitimate part of his regeneration cycle. This – and the fact that between McGann’s Doctor and Christopher Ecclestone’s lies the “Last Great Time War”, possibly the most intriguing part of Who-lore since it resulted in the destruction of Gallifrey.

A potential one-off episode between McGann, Ecclestone, [[David Tennant|Tennant]] and new Doctor [[Matt Smith]] would be excellent, wouldn’t it? Especially since you wouldn’t actually know what to expect from McGann’s Doctor.

Anyway, here’s DoG’s wishlist for returning characters:

  1. ‘Historical’ Torchwood characters
  2. The Valyard
  3. Omega
  4. Sil
  5. Death’s Head
  6. Raston Warrior Robot
  7. Frobisher
  8. Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer
  9. Kamelion
  10. The 8th Doctor

Naturally, there are some characters in there that I had never heard of. The Valyard (look him up) sounds particularly interesting, since he appears to be a later incarnation of [[The Doctor (Doctor Who)|The Doctor]]. And some of the other characters would definitely benefit from modern special effects to bring them ‘properly’ to life.

I notice no mention has been made of The Rani, another enemy of the Doctor, fellow Gallifreyan and some-time accomplice of The Master. Certainly, The Doctor could use some more characters from the old home planet, couldn’t he?

Just wondering if there are any other vintage Doctor Who characters who should return – what do other members of the group think?

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  1. priyabhakta

    Everyone loves the 8th Doctor.

    Everyone loves Paul McGann.

    Paul McGann hated the wig he had to wear (true fact, look it up). Rumour has it he will return (if this is true then it will be the best kept secret in the RTD Doctor Who-verse ever) – in flashbacks of the Time War with his hair shorn back (i.e. no wig).

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Actually, that would be pretty cool, although McGann with his hair shorn would look quite like Ecclestone, except in dandy clothing. The 8th Doctor’s wardrobe was attrocious, wasn’t it?

      Have you seen the Doctor Who movie, Priya?

      1. priyabhakta

        No, I’m a shockingly ignorant New Who fan, who knows very little about the Whoniverse pre-Nine. Though I have heard it possible to YouTube the movie so maybe one Sunday afternoon…

        I’d love to have Paul McGann in an episode but there have already been so many rumours of him guest starring (even as non-Doctor character). I don’t think he’d look like Eccleston with his hair ‘shorn’ but I can imagine him in the Time War:

        “A coward you are, Master. An expert on Daleks you are not!”

        Ha! Potential for the best crossover ever. Although, saying that, I can’t imagine Richard E. Grant playing the Master – did you know he’s played the Doctor twice? Once as Ten in a Red Nose Sketch (Rowan Atkinson also played the Doctor) and once as Nine when he voiced a web animation.

        1. Gerard McGarry

          Paul McGann outside TARDIS

          OK, the hair looks like Ecclestone’s, but he also looks a bit like a modern-day Liam Gallagher…

          Yeah, I’ve seen that Richard E Grant sketch somewhere – he seems to have been active on Doctor Who audio plays too, as is McGann.

          1. gerrybot

            You know what, I’ve never had the patience to sit down to a Doctor Who audio play. Although that would open up a whole new who-niverse to absorb my every waking moment. are these plays broadcast or can you buy/download them from somewhere?

  2. IzzyD

    Hi guys, I’m a big fan of the 8th Doctor so I’m excited that he made it on DoG’s wishlist! I’m continually hopeful that McGann will appear in the new series and I totally agree that a one-off about the “Time War” with Docs 8-11 is an awesome idea!

    McGann continues to do an excellent job with the audio dramas for almost a decade now. Needless to say, I highly recommend them and can be downloaded/purchased from (or amazon, ebay…)

    The photo you posted of McGann by the TARDIS reminds me of an interview where McGann said the producer of the TV Movie freaked out when he showed up with the shorn hair. McGann tried to convince them to use his new look; it was their chance to “put their stamp”, so to speak. Alas, they stuck that awful wig on him, though I thought the rest of the costume wasn’t too bad. Funnily, Eccleston’s Doc donned a look to very similar to Paul’s vision years later. 🙂

  3. jc

    It would be nice if they brought some of the classic companions with them… I was always partial to Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan.  And what about Romana?

  4. magsmagenta

    I would love to see Adric return, He was my first crush when I was about 14 and I was devastated when he died, maybe he could come back as a parallel universe version, and Romana was in E Space when she was last heard of so I don’t see any reason that she couldn’t still be alive.

    Also I really want to see Jenny again (Doctors Daughter)

  5. Jeffrey Scott

    My top 5 of essential people to return.

    1. Always been a big fan of the Rani. (Who’d of guessed?)

    2. Susan – the Doctor’s grand-daughter. Did she remain on Earth during the time war or did she die in the time war? Would be nice to find out.

    3. Romana – Once President of Gallifrey, and friend of the Doctor. It would be great to see her back in action.

    4. Older companions – Ian – On of the first companions of the Doctor. Jamie McCrimmon – Companion of the 2nd Doctor through his entire incarnation (save one episode). Lis Shaw – the third Doctors scientific rival (sort of). Leela – (Who was last seen on Gallifrey), Tegan – (One of my favourites, if you couldn’t tell) Spunky, feisty, a mouth on legs. Melanie – Never understood the scorn most had for her. Would like to see her given a chance to redeem herself. Ace – Always ready to jump into action. Would love to see her attack one of the new Daleks with a cricket bat.

    5. Black Guardian – Tormented the Doctor on several occasions. Swore he’d kill the Doctor. Do the black and white guardians still exist?

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