Depeche Mode: ‘Wrong’ Single And Video Review

SONG: Wrong

ARTIST: Depeche Mode

ALBUM: Sounds Of The Universe

RELEASE DATE: 3rd April 2009 (IRL), 6th April 2009 (UK)

GENRE: Industrial rock


WRONG! That’s the resounding hook in Depeche Mode’s comeback single. The Saturdays may have covered their campy, cheerful Just Can’t Get Enough last month but if you’re expecting more dancey synthpop, then think again!

As I’ve stated already the word “WRONG!” resounds right throughout the whole song against an array of dark synths and heavy industrial guitar work. I quite like the dark sound of the song but it doesn’t make good listening material for regualr radio listeners. Times are depressing enough at the moment. If you like your songs dark and depressing then you’ll love this! If you prefer simple ’80s pop to dance to at the local nightclub well let’s just say this isn’t for you.

If you thought the latest episode of EastEnders was bleak then you are in no ways prepared for this. Against the darkly synths of the song, a car is seen driving backward along a dark city street. Already the video has a beautifully dark beginning but it only gets worse and worse when we realise that there is a poor masked man tied up in his own car. And he’s pretty creepy looking at that too!

So as the police and various other people in the street (including the Depeche boys) realise what’s happening we see the poor man try and untie himself as the car goes further out of control. The tension really mounts here and just when it looks like the guy will be free from his torment, a massive car collides with his and he presumably dies! And it does not have the big gooey ending that The Script’s Talk You Down had! But hey if anything you’ve got to admire Depeche Mode for making a truly dark video go alongside a truly dark song!

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