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Derren Brown

Somebody on Twitter tonight urged me to tune into the first of Derren Brown’s televised events. In the show, Brown claimed he could predict tonight’s lottery numbers. He led the cameras into an empty studio and explained what he was trying to achieve. The only other props in the room with him were a TV screen and a stand with five white balls.

Now, part of me was already yawning – I don’t do the lottery, so the notion didn’t hold much interest to me. However, Brown was literally shaking with excitement as he talked about the legal issues they had setting up the show and what might happen if the BBC’s broadcast of the lottery ran late.

Eventually, they switched on the TV screen and showed the lottery numbers being drawn. Derren was balled with tension throughout, and it was impossible to tell if he was congratulating himself or crapping it because the numbers were wrong. When he switched off the screen, he rotated the white balls on the stand to reveal the correct numbers for tonight’s lottery!

I have to say, I was impressed. Even if Paul Daniels claims that there are 99 other ways to do this trick, Brown’s lotto stunt has grabbed our attention. In our house, the series has been set to record and we’ll be tuning in on Friday night to see him explain exactly how he managed to get the prediction right.

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  1. Darryl

    Watching it back a few times (thanks to hard disk recording) I could see about a 1/2 second freeze frame just after he turned the TV off.  I’m sure that the live feed was switched to a pre-recorded ending at that point – so hats off to Derren and the production crew – the camera appeared to be hand held throughout, so getting the precise position of the camera and Derren must have been tricky.  And of course, he needed to record several thousand endings to get 4 numbers right (I’m no statastition, I’m sure Derren will reveal on the Friday show just how many takes they made).

    I was impressed.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’d like to think there was more to pulling this off than simple camera-trickery, Darryl. If Derren Brown can pull off things like this live, there has to be a better explanation for how he got the numbers right – it would be disappointing if it were done on a technical level.

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