Desperate Houswives!

You either love her or you hate her…yes you guessed it Edie. The tall blonde bombshell’s time on Wisteria came to an abrupt end just a few weeks ago. Must have been obvious to all us religious viewers that there was just no way after finding out her husband Dave’s ulterior motives for marrying her that she would just walk away free!

After all this is Wisteria Lane and it just wouldnt be Wisteria Lane without it’s fair share of drama to keep us all glued to our televisions sets. Although may have been suprising to some (including me) that it was a freak accident and not Dave’s doing wouldnt you say?.

The women in Wisteria Lane bring thier own personality into the group for example Gabrielle is seen as the one who loves expensive things, to be seen in the best places, takes alot of pride in her apperance and the way others view her, even after having children this was important to her.

Bree is anotha character whos personality is clear a woman who just loves to portray perfection in each an every way, from something simple like her hair and clothes to more serious situations like the way she brought up her children and the way she wants her husband to behave which some could see as controlling behaviour.

As an audience we might view her as annoying but knows she brings a certain element to the group. So when it comes to Edie who was seen as the type of woman to look out for number one, selfish in some respect we still appreciated the fact she didnt care what other people thought of her, a trait I’m sure we would all like to have right?.

This begs the question…”How will Edie’s death effect the show and if so it what way…any ideas???” was her death good for the show?


  1. Lisa McGarry

    I think Edie’s death might have been good in the short run, but I believe that as a character Edie will be missed.

    She was fun and vibrant and always brought the humour back to the show when it became depressing and sad.

    I’d have preferred to see Catherine or Bree killed off…….or maybe even Orson. He drives me crazy!

  2. RandomEnigma

    According to reports, after this series, there is only one season left of Desperate Housewives. So Edie leaving mightn’t be the worst thing in the World, it would have been worse if she was killed off long before the show ended!

    I don’t mind Bree or Kathryn too much but I agree with Lisa in wanting Orson dead, he is so so annoying!

    Does anyone feel like DH has got really lazy lately! The characters aren’t being properly developed or anything! Like Lynette’s children would have proved to be a good source of fresh drama for the show but apart from that whole Porter storyline at the start of the series but the kids haven’t appeared in the series in a long time since.

    And Andrew used to be such a great character in the show but he has pretty much being on auto-pilot since the Series 3!

  3. Star Blogger 8

    I think your right there Lisa. When there was a bad situation you always expected Edie to make some kind off comment to lighten up the mood though could sometimes be inappropriate still managed to put a smile on our faces

    Orsan definetly is starting to get on my nerves well for quite a while if im honest, his stealing has been dragged on way too long now he needs something new he so boring he has no real part to the show

    Oh my god randomenigma are you serious? they can’t stop DHS it’s a great show that I do see where your coming from with the storylines they need to become more inventive. Could maybe bring a new face to the show thats always exciting

    But who would have that Gabrielle would have ended up having children????? must say that really did suprise me!! but slowly I do think she is becoming a better parent to her kids though she does do some wierd things…but supose thats Wisteria lane fo you right!

    1. RandomEnigma

      Well hopefully i am wrong starblogger but according to reports there’s only 1 series left after this one! I used to find desperate housewives to be an amazing show also but it’s lost it a bit. It’s still quite funny but the storylines are a bit messy and they lack the sort of continuity and development that was in earlier series! I mean look at the first series of DH and see how well the story is developed and how there was a lovely balance between mystery and comedy. The mysteries nowadays are rather lazy and predictable! Maybe that’s just me but I thought setting the story 5 years on was a great decision by the producers but they’ve really messed up on it I think!

  4. Lisa McGarry

    I like the new Gabby storylines but I agree with RE, the Porter twins could have brought many more storylines to the show if properly developed.


    I’ m also getting a little sick of the whole Susan/Mike storyline. All these will they, won’t they moments! And please don’t bring Jackson back. He’s a drip.

    1. RandomEnigma

      Unfortuanately Jackson is back in the show! I agree with the whole Mike/Susan storyline too! They should have never split them up in the 1st place, it was a good cliffhanger ending to Series 4 but itsjust all messed up! In fact I find Susan the least entertaining of the Housewives all her storylines are based on her clumsiness and troubles with men! Yawn! How many times have we seen that kind of character in a TV show?!  

  5. Lisa McGarry

    I know!!! Though it was funny last night when she declared her undying love for Jackson only to find he just wants to marry her to avoid immigration.

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