Dexter – First Blood (S05E05) – Episode review

You know an episode of [[Dexter (TV Series)|Dexter]] has been a tad dull when you find yourself in the last five minutes waiting for some massive cliffhanger event. That was the case in First Blood, but unfortunately that cliffhanger failed to materialise. 

That’s not to say that First Blood was a bad episode, it’s just that the story didn’t really move anywhere significant. We know a little bit more about Lumen’s background as a sex slave, and that she now wants revenge on the people who held her hostage. She’s clearly got her own demons, and interestingly, Dexter’s the only person who knows her secret and she is the only (living) person who knows his secret.

In fact, with the exception of Dexter’s near-kill of a sex offender – until Ghost Of Harry wades in with some well-timed advice – the main storyline spun its wheels this week.

However, a considerable amount more time was given to the other running stories: LaGuerta and Angel’s marital problems and Quinn’s continuing suspicion of Dexter. Let’s have a look at these…

LaGuerta and Batista

Here’s the thing with Batista: rewind back to season one, and you’ll find Batista a straight cop who’s quite emotionally vulnerable. He liked to think he was close to Dexter, though Dexter clearly felt otherwise. In the intervening seasons, Batista hasn’t really had much to do, so suddenly being thrust into an ongoing story – his marriage to LaGuerta – has come as a bit of a surprise.

A lot of people aren’t feeling this relationship, but I have a soft spot for Batista, so I’m willing to cut this a little bit more slack. I see both him and LaGuerta as two very lonely characters, both with similar backgrounds and not much going on outside work. It’s natural they’d gravitate toward each other. A sexual relationship was hastily rearranged as a marriage to outwit their boss, and both are discovering that they don’t really know much about each other outside work.

To be fair, Batista is the suspicious one: he’s heard things about his new wife that he doesn’t like (best BJ’s in Miami, apparently) and he’s found out about her sizeable savings account. But it’s the lack of communication between the two that causes the problem in First Blood: LaGuerta’s bartering to wipe out Batista’s savage beating of a colleague, but she hasn’t told him she’s involved in a sting operation. So he assumes she’s having an affair (assuming, based on the BJ evidence that she’s a wee bit loose) and follows her to a motel. He bursts into the room in the middle of a sting operation that she’s secretly conducting. Oops.

Bottom line: I don’t think this storyline’s as weak as other people are making out. Plus, it had a brilliant tie-in, in that the cop they busted (guest star Peter Weller aka Robocop) was the same guy Quinn approached later to tail Dexter.

Quinn’s Agenda

So, Quinn’s on unpaid leave for trying to frame Dexter. He’s hiding this fact from Debra, but he’s pissed with LaGuerta for suspending him. And Robocop is pissed with LaGuerta for being part of the Internal Affairs sting operation that got him kicked off the force. Two cops ideally suited to tracking down Dexter and exposing his secret. And Dexter doesn’t even have a clue.

I liked how Quinn didn’t hesitate to mention Dexter’s gloves hanging out of his back pocket in that brief scene in the apartment. It’ll suit his agenda to have Debra doubting her brother, especially when it comes out that Quinn thinks Dexter’s a killer.

And quite a few people are stoked that Peter Weller has joined the cast, although he seems like an angry, washed-up cop to me. I wonder how effective he’ll be at getting Quinn the evidence he needs?



  • Dexter to Harrison: “Not even a year old and you’re already destroying evidence. And already having to flee the scene of the crime.”
  • Lumen proves that she’s got no problem with her captors dying: “If you want to help me get past this, help me find those guys and kill them.”
  • Masuka’s leopard print briefs. That guy is such a freak!
  • American readers: Does the DMV hold fingerprint data? Really? Seems a tad excessive.
  • Even though Lumen is slightly psycho, I get the impression that there’s some growing chemistry between Dexter and her.
  • Debra shows a little concern for her vomiting policewoman friend: “Tell Masuka and Dexter that they need to bring a bug kit…and some fucking crackers.” Those corpses were disgusting though.



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