Dexter, Season 5, Episode 10 review: In The Beginning

Tick. Tick. Tick. You hear that? That’s the seconds until the Dexter season 5 finale ticking away. Two episodes left. One major villain who seems to be steps ahead of Dexter and one dirty cop with a grudge, with enough incriminating evidence to destroy Dexter forever.

Tonight something happened that Dexter fans have been speculating about for ages: Godfearing Irish Nanny gets sent to Florida with Harrison to visit his grandparents. Sure, it would have been easier for Dexter to leave him down when he took Astor home a fortnight ago, but hey-ho. Many people think there’s something sinister about Irish Nanny, just because she’s a devout Christian. And all devout Christians are evil waiting to happen, aren’t they?

It remains to be seen though – Jordan Chase has been several steps ahead of Dex for a while now. Tonight we see that a former victim was groomed by him to lead Dexter and Lumen to one of his gang. And Chase makes a threat to “what’s left” of Dexter’s family. Is there a possibility that Irish Nanny is in league with Dexter? You tell me.

In The Beginning was a glacially-paced episode of Dexter. That’s not a criticism. The story managed to unfold in just the right way, developing relations between Dexter and Lumen, raising the threat level behind Jordan Chase (He knows about Lumen! He knows about Dexter! He’s the mastermind behind a series of kidnappings/tortures/murders! And he’s still at large!) Debra’s piecing together all the clues and coming up with a fairly accurate picture of what’s going on – (Small shoe? Possibly a woman. What if it’s Victim #13? Only a matter of time before she realizes that a woman couldn’t possibly have moved an adult male by herself. Looks for accomplice. Oh, hi bro!)

And of course, Stan Liddy’s lurking in the background filming everything. I’m still trying to work out how he fits into the finale. With two episodes remaining, is it likely that Jordan Chase will meet the blad next week, with Liddy’s revelations threatening Dexter’s life in the season finale? Will they mix it up so there’s a double-threat in the end?

One criticism, of course, is how easily Liddy walked into a strangely abandoned Miami Metro homicide division (not even the mostly deskbound LaGuerta looking out of her office) and requisitioned a ton of surveillance equipment. Does nobody in that police department know that he’s on suspension?

Dexter luvs Lumen

I was afraid we were never going to see this moment – Dexter and Lumen’s relationship developing into something romantic and tender. Dexter gives her the serial killer gift of choice – her own pair of black leather gloves. This is especially touching, because he would never have been thoughtful about Rita in that way. Lumen, for instance, swaps a baggy hoodie for a more skintight killer look, and Dexter’s understandably breathless.

Lumen is quickly progressing as a killer in her own right. She didn’t freak when Dexter killed and dismembered Cole. And when she finally plunged the blade into Alex Tilden’s you could see the release that it gave her. Naturally, she channeled the remainder of the excitement of the kill into some well-earned sex with Dex.

I thought there was a subtle comedy to the romantic elements throughout this episode. It couldn’t have happened with Harrison in the way either, so I’m keen to see how the series works around this permanently. Lumen might be OK as the step-mom, but it wouldn’t give her much room to kill.

Jordan Chase

The highlight of the night for Jordan Chase is almost tricking Debra into raiding Alex Tilden’s house as Dexter and Lumen are chopping him up. This makes him a really smart adversary. Other highlights for Chase were meeting Dexter face to face after letting Lumen know he knew they were working together. The scene in Dexter’s office was reminiscent of Arthur Mitchell last year, that invasion of Dexter’s workplace, coming right into his lair and threatening to expose his secret.

Jordan Chase’s profile makes him virtually untouchable to Dexter. It’s at times like these that if Dexter was to use a gun instead of a scalpel, he might be a bit more successful. He’d also eliminate the chance of Chase exposing his secret in the time it takes to pull a trigger. But this being Dexter, much of the plot will progress through storytelling and not ballistics!

I’m very stoked for the last two episodes of this season – given how much is left to unravel, the next two episodes are sure to be explosive. My big wish is that Julia Stiles will join the cast permanently for Season 6. Or maybe Debra will become aware of Dexter’s killings and start to assist him. I think Debra in the books knows about Dexter’s ‘dark passenger’.

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