Dexter Season Finale Spoilers: The Big One

Brace yourselves, [[Dexter (TV Series)|Dexter]] fans, this weekend we have the season 5 finale, and it promises to be a doozie.

Lumen’s been captured by Jordan Chase, the body of Stan Liddy is about to be found, Debra’s sure that a vigilante has been picking off the Barrel Girls’ killers. Let’s pick this up with the preview that was shown at the end of last week’s episode – which ends in a scene that looks like Debra is pointing a gun at Dexter!!! Could he have finally slipped up?

The Big One – Episode Synopsis

The synopsis for the episode is interesting. As well as hints about Dexter hunting down Jordan Chase, one of the curious developments is Quinn needing Dexter’s help. Everything is thrillingly vague at the moment, and even that apparent showdown between Debra and Dexter may just be a red herring. I can’t wait to find out!

In the season finale, Dexter’s situation grows desperate when he discovers that Lumen’s been set up. Despite knowing he’s being baited into a trap, Dexter risks everything to make sure he doesn’t fall into the same mistake again. In the Barrel Girls case, Debra lets her personal feelings lead her instincts once she concludes that vigilantes are more than just a theory. Quinn finds himself in a troublesome situation, which only Dexter can help him out of.

Spoilers from the previews

Showtime have made two previews for Sunday night’s episode – one showing Jordan Chase having the upper hand with Dexter. It seems Chase isn’t interested in the blood spatter analyst, in capturing Lumen, he claims he has everything he wants.

In the second clip, Dexter receives a surprise visit from Cody, Astor and Rita’s parents – and the kids ask if they can stay with Dexter for the summer! It seems like they’re arriving in the middle of Dexter’s crisis with Lumen and – par for the course with Dexter – he’s trying to rush out as soon as they arrive.

The network are being exceptionally sketchy about whether Lumen will survive Jordan Chase’s kidnapping. He’s a desperate man right now, and as we saw last week, he’s got no problem killing if he needs to. So, chances of Lumen living are maybe 50/50, and even if she survives, there’s a strong possibility that she may leave Miami – either because the barrel girls have been avenged, or simply to start a new life.

Would you guys love to see Lumen return for Season 6, or would it be poetic for her to die at the end of this season as an echo of Rita’s death last year?

The cast of Dexter are: Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall), Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), Harry Morgan (James Remar), Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), Angel Batista (David Zayas), Vince Masuka (C.S. Lee), Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington). Guest stars Julia Stiles as Lumen Pierce and Peter Weller as Stan Liddy)

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